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Travel management solution

Why Consider A New Travel Management Solution

At a time when business travel is taking a back seat, why is it the time to consider a new travel management solution? It’s more than just meeting current business needs, ease of use, or user adoption. In this blog, our CEO highlights why it’s the best time and lists 11 values he recommends you look for in your next travel management solution.

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Make a Case for Automation - Procure to Pay - ROI Calculator

Making a Case for Procurement Automation

Procure-to-Pay professionals must find clear, compelling ways to communicate the potential savings and benefits of P2P automation to their organization’s decision-makers when making a case for automation. One persuasive argument lies in the savings organizations can achieve using a robust procurement solution. Any system that takes the burden away from all the touch points should be able to give you at least 50 to 60 to maybe 70 percent savings on the cost to process a requisition or a purchase order. Procurement professionals should first assess their organization’s current procurement state and expenses, then demonstrate the savings that can be delivered by P2P automation. To this end, Paramount WorkPlace and PayStream Advisors have collaborated to develop the Procure-to-Pay Calculator.

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p2p Fueling Digital transformation

P2P Is Fueling Digital Transformations

A company’s use of P2P software is a key indicator of its digital transformation strategy, as P2P software brings a technological approach to the entire process. Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, with the goal of strategically improving how a company operates and delivers value to its customers. The term “transformation” is somewhat misleading, though, as it implies there’s a finite point when a company has “transformed.” In reality, the commitment to digital transformation is a commitment to continual improvement, constantly challenging the status quo in order to improve processes, streamline workflows, promote accuracy and efficiency and provide the best value to stakeholders.

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Paramount WorkPlace Hires Barry Thompson as VP of Enterprise Sales

Paramount WorkPlace, a leading software developer and provider of cloud-based and mobile spend management software solutions, today announced that it has hired Barry Thompson as its VP of Enterprise Sales. Mr. Thompson will spearhead the company’s expansion into the enterprise space. He has worked with and for enterprise organizations for many years, most recently as Global Program/Partner Manager for Oracle University.

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2019 Guide to Procure-to-Pay Change Management
Paramount WorkPlace

Procure-to-Pay Change Management Guide

2019 Procure-to-Pay Change Management Guide will serve as a resource for organizations considering or preparing to adopt P2P automation. It outlines P2P change management, starting with a current market overview and an overview of quantitative and qualitative benefits, followed by a list of recommendations on the best practical approach for a few key stages of a technology transformation.

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