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People of PairSoft: Tanushree Chatwani

Farah Harajli September 21, 2022

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People of PairSoft
The main part of PairSoft’s welcoming, collaborative environment is its people. This month, we sat down with Tanushree, a Product Owner based in India, to learn more about her product background and the creative alternate career she’d choose.

What’s your role at PairSoft, and what does it entail? 

I am a Product Owner at PairSoft. I represent the customer to the development team and define the product strategy with the product management team in accordance with the overall business strategy. Other responsibilities include defining product roadmaps and prioritizing the backlog for the engineering team.  

Which city are you based out of, and what’s your favorite thing to do during weekends there? 

I am based out of Ahmedabad, India. This city is known for its street food, so I love exploring the different food options that the city serves over the weekends.  

How did you first get into product development? 

I completed my master’s in computer science, but the functional side of a product always fascinated me more than the technical one. Developing a product vision and creating a product persona was something that attracted me to this type of role the most.

What do you think is the number-one thing people should know about the SaaS industry? 

Well, the SaaS industry provides great advantages for businesses, like scalability, accessibility, security, and quicker customization. Because of this, it is becoming the go-to option for many organizations, and the pay-as-you-go model allows businesses to cut down costs. Even small businesses can access high-powered software at nominal costs. 

What do you find to be one of the most innovative aspects of PairSoft as an organization?

PairSoft allows its employees to make mistakes, to figure things out, to become good at things, and to solve problems without breaking their spirit and drive. Great companies reward and celebrate successes while encouraging their employees to stretch their skills and capabilities.

What do you find to be a unique aspect of working in India that your colleagues around the world may not experience? 

Diversity! India is full of diverse cultures, and with PairSoft’s remote work facilitation, we have colleagues from all over the country (and the world). This gives me an opportunity to learn different languages and cultures from our colleagues.

Someone has hit the Reset button on your life and allowed you to choose any career possible. What do you choose? 

If I got the chance to hit the Reset button, I think I would choose to be a pastry chef. I love baking, and with the right education in this field, I would do it professionally. 

And, finally: You’re given an unlimited budget for a vacation this summer. Where are you going and why? 

I want to experience seeing the Northern Lights once, so with an unlimited budget I would love to visit Norway, Sweden, or Finland. 

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Farah Harajli

Farah joined the SaaS space with PairSoft to continue her digital-content-focused career that's included roles at Johns Hopkins University, the Hearst Corporation, and the University of Michigan. She is based in Michigan.

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