Mobile Entry & Approvals

Experience easy expense sheet entry and approvals on the mobile app. You can also capture expense on or off-line with your phone or tablet’s built-in device cameras in seconds.

Make Financial Decisions With Confidence and Intelligence

Give yourself full visibility by implementing an automated procurement solution that will help you control costs, ensure you’re getting the best purchasing value, and help you easily implement policy, approval, and routing changes.

Today’s workforce is on the got and expects to have mobile access to the business tools they need from wherever they go. The Paramount WorkPlace Mobile App delivers comprehensive expense report entry, timesheet entry, requisition entry, and approvals from any Apple or Android device. You can also capture expense on or off-line with your phone or tablet’s built-in device cameras in seconds.

Features and Benefits:

  • Guided help: Use the Entry Assistant feature to walk users through process
  • Clean Sync: On-The-Go (OTG) web service synchronizes time entry and expenses flawlessly
  • Multiple device support: Mobile app works on Apple iOS and Android devices
  • Quick and intuitive: Add expense report charges manually or using OCR images of receipts
  • Find your way: Use Google maps from within app to locate destinations
  • Multi-company: Create and submit travel requests and expenses across companies from a single screen
  • Flexibility: Currency options, robust auto fill, type to search, and mobile alerts
  • See the detail: Clear display of Mobile Expense sheet status and expense line item details on the History screen
  • Project and Job Costing support: Enter project/phase/activity data for a project or job
  • Works on or off line: Synching when connected
  • Timesheets too: Mobile app supports timesheet entry as well
  • Shop too: If Requisition function is licensed, user may view/create/edit requisitions
  • To-dos: Managers can view and complete to-do lists from mobile app
  • Fine tune: Approval/disapprove individual lines on an expense report
  • Approval routing: Submitted expense reports are routed for approval based on routing rules

Streamlined user interface makes expense item entry a snap

View a quick overview video featuring Paramount WorkPlace’s Mobile app capabilities

View more detail on WorkPlace’s Mobile Expense functions here

Terms & Definitions

What are Approval Rules/Routing:

Rules the company establishes to cover its purchasing and expense processing activities. Rules may cover such things as approval dollar limits, routing, individual approvers, escalation conditions, etc.

What are Position-Based Approvals:

Position-based approvals are a quick way to establish an approval routing process based upon the initiating user’s role in the company. For example, you may establish an approval routing that applies to all AP clerks and a separate routing for inventory buyers.

What is Requisition:

A requisition is a documented way to request an action or item for delivery by a certain date, department or individual.

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