PunchOut Partners for Vendor Management

Simplify item selection, speed order processing, and lower procurement costs by integrating in real-time with suppliers’ online catalogs.

Make Financial Decisions With Confidence and Intelligence

Give yourself full visibility by implementing an automated procurement solution that will help you control costs, ensure you’re getting the best purchasing value, and help you easily implement policy, approval, and routing changes.

Paramount WorkPlace PunchOut/cXML capability provides true B2B integration for any punch out enabled vendor all the way to the ERP.   What does that mean for you?  You can:

  • Select the PunchOut vendor from the requisition page with a single click
  • Access vendors’ shopping page, which is tailored for you
  • Browse and shop inventory availability and pricing on the vendor’s website and catalog in real-time
  • Checkout with ease – all items selected are added to the requisition
  • Speed your procurement processing – once approved, your purchase orders are created and automatically sent to the vendor




eStore-Connect™ is the web-based storefront for any vendor who needs to integrate with a buyer’s eProcurement system. eConnect is in use for over 1,000 PunchOut integrations.  eStore-Connect is compatible with Paramount WorkPlace and seamlessly integrates with WorkPlace PunchOut/cXML.  Download Brochure Below

Greenwing Technology, Inc.

We partnered with Greenwing Technology with full support to their PunchOut Catalogs and Electronic Purchase Order transmission using the Paramount WorkPlace Requisition and Procurement Solutions. By pairing the best-in-class Punchout Catalog for suppliers, the full automation of spend management is unlocked for all WorkPlace Procurement clients. Suppliers benefit from an easy-to-use platform that is fully managed by Greenwing Technology’s team of engineers and e-Procurement professionals. Instead of focusing on the technology, the supplier can focus on the customer relationship and product offering.  Download Brochure Below


We also partnered with PunchOut2Go with full support of their catalogs. PunchOut2Go is 100% focused on the enablement of suppliers own applications, providing an adaptable gateway solution for suppliers to integrate Paramount Workplace PunchOut catalog capabilities within their own existing e-commerce infrastructure. Suppliers that leverage the PunchOut2Go Gateway reduce their costs and complexity with integrating PunchOut and other e-procurement processes and have 100% PunchOut compatibility with any procurement system for end-to-end B2B automation. For suppliers that don’t have an existing eCommerce system, PunchOut2Go provides packaged solutions for over 30 eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, Magento, IBM WebSphere, CNET and many more. Buying organizations maximize their ROI by partnering with PunchOut2Go to help streamline supplier integrations and drive more spend through Paramount Workplace.  Download Brochure Below


  • Catalog Maintenance Eliminated: WorkPlace PunchOut eliminates the need for your buyers to update and maintain in-house catalogs: your vendors take on the responsibility of maintaining catalog product data
  • Faster, More Accurate Requisitioning: Users access a vendor’s catalog with a single click and requisition fields are automatically populated after shopping, speeding requisition entry and reducing errors
  • Catalog Is Always Current: Vendor updates to pricing and on-hand inventory are immediately visible, and requisitioners have access to current pricing and catalog information
  • Maximum Compatibility: Paramount WorkPlace PunchOut is based on commerce XML (cXML), the premier standard for the online exchange of business transaction information in common formats, ensuring maximum vendor compatibility

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