7 Benefits of using PaperSave for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Documents, whether in digital or printed form, have long played a core role in any business, but given the rapid rise of cloud and mobile computing, managing business information is far more challenging than it used to be. A document management system (DMS) captures, stores, and retrieves documents in any format, but to be truly effective, it must integrate seamlessly with your core business processes.

Being able to seamlessly integrate with top performing solutions; enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM), is essential for many document management systems. PaperSave is designed to effortlessly work with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central,to provide a complete, end-to-end view of your business.

#1. Improved access to documents

Every existing customer has documents associated with them, such as contracts, invoices, or correspondence. PaperSave stores all this information in a centralized repository. Integration with Dynamics 365 lets you retrieve all relevant documents with a few clicks of the mouse. There’s no need to use multiple systems to track down customer records and other important information, thus allowing your employees to serve their customers faster and more efficiently.

#2. Fewer bottlenecks with workflows

Corporate bureaucracy has long been an impediment of employee productivity. Keeping all the red tape to a minimum requires an efficient and standardized electronic workflow that’s consistent throughout the entire organization. PaperSave helps streamline core business processes by reducing the need to use multiple applications when handling things like approvals and payments.

#3. Seamless form capture

A good example of an inefficient business process is when you need to use multiple solutions to, for example, onboard a new customer or supplier. But thanks to integration with Dynamics 365, PaperSave lets you seamlessly capture and associate forms produced by your CRM and have them saved in the centralized document repository. Everything from AP checks to AR invoices, delivery tickets, and packaging slips are all stored in the content area record.

#4. Better search functionality

Organizing supporting documents for specific transactions soon becomes a near-impossible task at scale, especially when dealing with large and complex B2B transactions. PaperSave does this automatically by matching supporting documents to all purchase and sales orders. On top of that, there’s a powerful document search feature based on the information collected during the document capture process.

#5. Complete electronic workflow

With PaperSave for Dynamics 365, there’s no need to purchase a separate workflow solution. The integration allows you to manage document acquisition, approval, and storage using a single interface. This increases efficiency by eliminating much of the back and forth involved with finding and managing business information. In turn, that means less training is required for your employees as well.

#6. Full cloud enablement

Dynamics 365 is a fully cloud-enabled solution that allows you to store and access your data in the cloud. While that’s great for workforce mobility and scalability, there may be people in your organization who don’t use Dynamics 365, yet still need access to the information created by the platform on occasion. Being a cloud-enabled system, PaperSave lets users access all their documents through a web browser, even if they’re not using Dynamics 365.

#7. Compatibility with documents

One of the biggest challenges facing business information management is the fact information exists in so many different forms. Printed documents still play a major role in many companies, but PaperSave can capture them from a scanner and use optical character recognition (OCR) software to categorize them and make them searchable. It can also capture digital documents from fax machines, emails, and Microsoft Office applications.

PaperSave helps companies supercharge productivity and become more customer-centric with document management solutions tailored to your unique business needs. Schedule a free personalized demo today to learn more.

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