Empower your entire team with an innovative procure-to-pay solution that’s easy for employees, effective for management, and powerful for accounting.

Embrace Automation and Transition to a User-friendly Paperless Organization

Here’s how your organization can benefit from PairSoft’s dynamic solutions:

Improve Consistency
Reduce mistakes and inaccuracies that are often associated with manual processes and tools.

Centralized Data
Gain greater oversight over the entire procurement process to control spending, reduce the number of approvals, and simplify receiving and invoicing.

Increase Efficiency
Use a robust procure-to-play platform that allows you to quickly make data-driven decisions throughout the entire process.

Make Financial Decisions With Confidence and Intelligence

Give yourself full visibility by implementing an automated procurement solution that will help you control costs, ensure you’re getting the best purchasing value, and help you easily implement policy, approval, and routing changes.

How We Help:

Inventory Management

Order, fulfill, and transfer stock with confidence and ease. Your procurement solution can improve inventory management by speeding up and simplifying internal fulfillment, tracking purchase requests, and shedding light on replenishment activities.

How We Help:

Supplier and Vendor Management

Get more proactive with your vendors and reduce burden on your team by using automated tools that efficiently deliver information in the formats your system already uses.


How We Help:


Instead of managing piles of paper, manage the purchasing process with an automated solution that provides timely reviews and approvals, reduces processing costs, simplifies accruals, and streamlines filing procedures.


  • PunchOut: Save time by creating requisitions and purchase orders automatically with integrated PunchOut sites.
  • Travel management: Consolidate, authorize, and manage travel-related expenses with a solution that is easy to configure, launch, and use.
  • Purchase order management: Increase your control over transactions, keep purchasing commitments up to date, and streamline the procurement process company wide.
  • Guided buying catalogs: Enhance the user experience, control costs, configure produces and services, and eliminate manual data entry.
  • Employee expenses: Eliminate common delays and frustration often associated with paper-based, spreadsheet-based, or email-only processes.

How We Help:


The receiving stage in the procurement process may include the receipt of goods, the receipt of an invoice, or both. Recognize receipt of goods and services faster and easier from any location with multiple options that can complement your needs.


How We Help:


Process both your vendor and employee payments securely, quickly, and directly with an automated procure-to-pay platform that can be customized to meet your organization’s unique needs.

People love it. It’s been transformational for our individual councils and for our organization as a whole.

— Steve Slepian, Senior Vice President of Finance, Urban Land Institute

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Invoice Processing

Traditional paper invoices can take days or weeks to process. Instead, you can utilize a paperless invoice processing solution that will streamline operations and improve accuracy.


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Make sure your critical information, documents, and data are automatically collected and stored to reduce the time and energy spent managing traditional paper-based processes.


Seamless, Dynamic Integrations

Your organization can enjoy true integration with a variety of leading technology platforms to help make your work easier and more efficient.  

Pricing That Fits Your Needs 

We offer flexible and affordable pricing options that fit your organization’s unique needs. Choose the features and integrations your organization needs.