Document Management

Maintaining organized files is a business necessity, but the expense associated with paper-based processes typically outweighs the return on investment. Our document management solutions eliminate 20% to 30% of time spent filing, searching, and retrieving documents.

Reduce Your Paper Systems, Improve Efficiency, and Boost Your ROI

Our platform reduces the need for manual data entry, removes multiple steps from document management processes, and effectively saves businesses time and money.
Embrace Automation and Transition to a User-friendly Paperless Organization
Here’s how your organization can benefit from PairSoft’s dynamic document management solutions:

Increase Productivity: PairSoft eliminates as much as 30 percent of the time it takes to file, search for, or retrieve documents from Microsoft Dynamics, Dynamics 365, Blackbaud, Sage Intacct, and NetSuite platforms.

Improve Collaboration: With all documents converted to electronic formats, coworkers and colleagues can collate all necessary information in a single repository and share those files on a global scale.

Perform Audits in Minutes: Collect all your data in a single repository, and collate reports on who accesses documents and when, so your managers can prepare for audits in shorter periods of time with fewer headaches.

Enhance Cybersecurity: Despite cyber threats lurking around every corner of the Web, PairSoft ensures that all mission-critical and personal information remains secure with document encryption, annotation, and redaction, as well as user and group roles.

Quick and Efficient Discovery: Our platform provides users with multiple ways to search for and retrieve documents and data, including tools such as our query/SmartList integration, content search, metadata search, and Internet Explorer connectivity.

Save Office Space: Making all documents digital means that your business can eliminate the need for file cabinets or storage units.

Cut the Need for Paper: Stop copying (and recopying) documents. Instead of managing paper-based records and countless filing cabinets, convert documents into digital records that you can access easily and securely on the cloud.

Elevate Your Donor Experience: When your donors have questions, they don’t want to wait for you to dig through a filing cabinet. With power search functionality and a centralized document repository, PairSoft helps you deliver prompt, helpful information to donors on-demand.

Improve Sustainability: The average employee uses approximately 10,000 pieces of paper every year. By eliminating unnecessary paper-based processes, your company can go green and meet its sustainability goals.

How We Help

ERP integrations

With traditional paper strategies, it’s easy to lose documents—especially if you are transporting them from location to location. It’s also expensive to manage all that paper. On average, businesses spend $20 in personnel costs for every document filed.

Meet your business’ unique needs. PairSoft can collect documents from anywhere, using our built-in paper capture systems and software integrations.


How We Help

Document Search and Retrieval

Make sure your critical information, documents, and data are automatically collected and stored to reduce the time and energy needed to manage traditional paper-based processes.

With one location for all document storage, employees, partners, and third-party vendors can quickly and easily access key information from a variety of other platforms already in use, find exactly what they need, and even discover associated content.


How We Help

Order Fulfillment
With PairSoft, you can leverage our order fulfillment apps for capturing documents “in the field,” and automatically recognize the completion of a work order.


Case Studies


Each year KAYAK processes over one billion queries for travel information in 34 countries and 18 languages. Their existing AP processes included time-consuming manual data entry pitfalls, leaving room for errors. Learn how PairSoft provided KAYAK with a complete Sage Intacct solution for processing and approving vendor invoices.

Pricing That Fits Your Needs 

We offer flexible and affordable pricing options that fit your organization’s unique needs. Choose the features and integrations your organization needs.