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Document management inside your ERP.

Enable paperless business processes across procurement, AP automation, and fundraising teams with robust document management software.

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Eliminate 90% of employee time spent searching
for documents without adding to your headcount.

Transform your workflow with our suite of electronic document management solutions.

Without PairSoft:
  • Fragmented ERP solutions
  • Buried documents
  • Tedious manual data entry
  • Disjointed communication
  • Lengthy audit processes
  • Weak process controls
  • Data errors and duplicate documents
  • No real-time visibility
  • On-premise paper filing
With Pairsoft:
  • Scaleable, built-in ERP solutions
  • Rapid data retrieval
  • Automatic data capture
  • Streamlined communication
  • Instant audit trails
  • Full process control
  • Accurate data without duplication
  • Real-time visibility across all data and documents
  • Cloud-based filing

Smart features that accelerate your file sharing and document storage functionality.

Dynamic document capture

Automatically extract data fields from PDFs and emails and verify information across your record base with OCR and machine learning.

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Digital file indexing and archiving

Instantly filter through thousands of documents and pull precise query lists with SmartList integration and metadata search. Digitally staple related documents together for easy batching. 

Centralized document repository

Access files and critical information from an encrypted cloud storage system. Customize user permissions and workflows for added efficiency.

Streamlined order management

Capture and fulfill error-free purchase orders without manual intervention.

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PairSoft’s document management system integrates directly into your ERP interface.


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PairSoft Helps Answer Financial Streamline Approval Processes
Case Study

Answer Financial doesn’t question anything with digital audit trails.

Hindered access to their physical paperwork was causing Answer Financial nothing but lost time and errors when it came to their audits. PairSoft’s document management and instant searchability turned hours into seconds, decreasing the business’s approval time by 70% and eliminating filing cabinets entirely.

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What is document management software?

Document management software (DMS) offers customizable computer system solutions used to store, manage, and track electronic documents and images of paper-based information through the use of a document scanner. This document management solution helps organizations reduce achieve paperless document management while providing automated notifications, document security, access control, version control, centralized storage, workflow automation, records management, and streamlined search and retrieval functions. 

How to automate processes with document management software?

Automating processes with document management software (DMS) reduces the need for paper forms, eliminating 20% to 30% of the time spent filing, indexing, searching, archiving, and retrieving documents better spent on electronic document routing. When you digitize your document management software, you benefit from a searchable, paperless platform that does not require manual data entry, indexing, archiving, or document storage, thus saving businesses time and money.

Break free from manual processes. Focus on high value tasks.

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