Unlock Efficiency in Accounting and Advancement Services

From document management to gift and donor processing, you can make your work more consistent and efficient with automated software solutions that integrate with your existing systems.

Let’s Create Procure-to-Pay and AP Efficiencies

You can easily implement an automated software solution to make your work more consistent and efficient and seamlessly integrate with systems you already use.

Free Your Teams From Routine, Transactional accounting and finance Work

When your organization spends less time on routine tasks, it has space and time to strategize and grow. An end-to-end automated system can let your team reach its full potential.
You will be able to:

Gain real-time visibility and control over your business spend.

Automate and orchestrate purchasing, accounts payable, and invoicing.

Eliminate manual data entry errors and reduce fraud risk.

Embrace environmentally friendly, sustainable business practices.

Optimize and strengthen supplier relationships across the globe.

Increase ROI with complete control over company spending.

Let's create a plan that fits your needs

Streamline Your Processes and Deepen Your Insight With an Intuitive, Automated Platform

You’re looking for ways you can do your job better and empower your team. Our easy-to-use, scalable solutions can quickly put you on the path to productivity.

You can trust us to get the job done

We have a proven track record of helping companies of all sizes implement dynamic solutions that save them both time and money.

We’re Here to Help You Focus on What Really Matters

We help a variety of mid-market and enterprise businesses enhance efficiency and collaboration by improving and automating their procure-to-pay workflows. 

Get Peace of Mind With Secure, Integrated Solutions

Integrate everything from your ERP and CRM to Microsoft tools such as Outlook and Office to seamlessly streamline your workflows and store documents in a centralized, secure repository.

Case Studies


Comfort Research spent too much time searching for bills and invoices. By switching to PairSoft, they’ve saved more than $60,000 per year just from reducing the amount of time it takes employees to search for files and get approvals.


Let's put manual work in the past