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Experience fully embedded analytics and reporting.

Our Analytics dashboards are your leadership team’s dream. Uncover inefficiencies and accelerate invoice processing at a glance.

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Turn your insight into action.

Pull metadata from across your invoice handling process to tell your story in real-time. Drill down into the data and leverage Key Performance Indicators to further optimize internal processes at a granular level.

Experience the PairSoft way.

Without PairSoft:
  • Slow invoice approvals
  • Late payment fees
  • Tedious supplier management
  • Uncontrolled process bottlenecks
  • High transaction costs
With PairSoft:
  • Fast invoice cycle times
  • Early payment discounts
  • Automated supplier management
  • Visibility to eliminate bottlenecks
  • Low cost per invoice processed

Keep a pulse on your AP process.

End-to-end invoice tracking

Easily find any invoice at any stage of the processing cycle to identify outstanding payments and take action against bottlenecks.

Peer benchmarking

Cheer on your high performers and empower your teams to speed up the invoice processing cycle with peer benchmark data.

PairSoft Helps TriOak Foods Speed Up Audits
Case Study

Documents at TriOak Foods no longer hog space, time, or money.

The 15th-largest pork producer in the U.S. couldn’t find documents across multiple locations and was undergoing error-laden audits as a result. PairSoft’s seamless onboarding and document digitization within a matter of weeks saved TriOak hundreds of hours in time spent searching.

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