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We place an equal weight on customer data protection as we do on our market-leading automation solutions.

Software and safety you can rely on.

As part of PairSoft’s mission to provide an unparalleled user experience, our cybersecurity framework is of critical importance, which is why we undergo rigorous compliance auditing and constant development of our security controls.

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PairSoft’s 2023 SOC 2 Type II Audit

PairSoft strives for transparency as an organization and with our customers, especially when it comes to your trust in our data processing. This begins with our SOC 2 audit, an attestation we complete annually as part of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants’ (AICPA) Trust Services Criteria (TSC) for information security compliance within our AP, Fundraising, Procurement, Pay, and Document Management solutions.

This audit process ensures that we adhere to the highest standards of security practices, data protection, processing integrity, and organization controls through independent oversight.

Automation with encryption controls.

PairSoft’s directly integrated automation solutions are continually praised by customers for their operating effectiveness directly within most major ERPs. A crucial aspect of this is our standard encryption-at-rest and in-transit, which fully safeguards the sensitive data housed within your dashboard.

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Airtight access controls.

Our software is inherently designed to be used by stakeholders with access to sensitive information, so we’ve created out-of-the-box permission tools to prevent unauthorized access and provide data protection even within sub-areas of your ERP.

Multi-factor authentication.

There’s no ‘Skip’ button when it comes to MFA within PairSoft solutions. Whether your ERP stores customer data or your entire business’s financial reporting, we employ multiple firewalls to ensure teams of all sizes are accessing the correct information.

Rigorous development.

We follow a proactive rather than reactive methodology when it comes to developing the security backbone of our products, ensuring that standard vulnerabilities are accounted for and protected against during development — not as an afterthought.


Do all SaaS companies participate in these types of cybersecurity measures?

In an ideal world, all software service providers with cloud-based architecture that stores personally identifiable information would participate in thorough security measures and reporting. In the real world, many companies lack the transparency provided by these readiness assessments, leaving customers in the dark on security controls such as security incident management and vulnerability management. It’s best practice to ask any potential service provider for a comprehensive report of their compliance measures — PairSoft’s up-to-date SOC 2 report is available upon request for our AP, Fundraising, Procurement, Pay, and Document Management solutions.

Is there a difference in security functionality if I use on-premises servers rather than the cloud services version of PairSoft’s software?

No — we regard all versions of our software with the same level of top-tier risk management, meaning our system and organization controls remain consistent across onsite and cloud-based software.

How can I find more technical information about your security policies?

If you or any stakeholders relevant to our software and discovery processes would like more information and reporting on PairSoft’s security posture, please contact

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