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Keep your business processes flowing and streamline your procurement, accounts payable, and document management in clicks. Add PairSoft to NetSuite for an unequaled all-in-one experience.

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Add more value to your NetSuite platform.

Centralize your data repository

Find all your essential documents and data in one secure place. With a 360 view of business operations, you can measure company-wide KPIs and spot liabilities of all sizes.

Scale solutions as you grow

PairSoft solutions are flexible to your unique business needs and requirements. Pick and choose the software solutions you need, whenever you need them.

Cut costs with dynamic automation

Stop wasting time on data entry and emailing documents. PairSoft’s intelligent workflows, business rules, and OCR technology capture and route your documents for you without error.

Integrated tools for serious ERP advantage.

Streamlined approval workflows

Speed up approval processes while still maintaining the necessary controls. Forms are automatically routed to the designated approver, who can even approve on the go via their mobile device. 

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Hands-free document management

Automate document indexing, data entry, and document routing. Line-by-line data is digitized and stored for easy access. More business. Less busywork.

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Instant three-way matching

Match and digitally staple invoices, purchase orders, and receipts so you avoid delays, manual errors, and paying for items you haven’t received yet.

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Precise general ledger coding

Use OCR technology to extract data from PDF and paper invoices then populate the correct general ledger code with the corresponding invoice either automatically or manually.

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PairSoft Helps Recovery Health Streamline Record Management
Case Study

Recovery Healthcare finds a remedy for their NetSuite document management.

An excess of physical invoice processing was tying Recovery Healthcare down even as their business scaled upward. PairSoft’s integration with NetSuite allowed the health company to save on valuable staff time and office space by digitizing their records for safer storage.

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What is NetSuite procurement?

NetSuite Procurement is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that streamlines the management of vendor relationships and automates purchasing processes across the supply chain. NetSuite’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) dashboard consolidates all procurement-related information into one centralized source of truth for improved vendor management. With high-quality functionality, it also generates real-time views into notifications, pricing, company spend, vendor performance, requisitions, purchase contracts, approval processes, and more.

How does PairSoft integrate with NetSuite for procurement?

PairSoft integrates with NetSuite to streamline the procurement process by moving away from manual and paper-based purchasing processes to a cost-effective, automated solution. The intuitive workflows, dashboards, and robust engines provide a centralized solution to complement your existing financial and accounts payable solutions — delivering essential information in a timely manner. Additionally, NetSuite offers 3-way invoice matching that automatically validates purchase order details before making payments to reduce the risk of fraud and financial loss.

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