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Revolutionize your financial management with Pairsoft, the new home of APRO Software Solutions, celebrated for over 25 years of excellence in Oracle Financials integration and automation. Our comprehensive solutions include the APRO Banking Gateway for global bank connectivity, state-of-the-art invoice automation, and effective cloud data interfacing. Tailored for dynamic enterprises, our offerings facilitate a wide array of banking formats and streamline operations from order to cash and purchase to pay, ensuring your organization leads with innovation and efficiency.

Get more out of your Oracle Financials

APRO Banking Gateway

Connect Oracle with any global bank for streamlined financial transactions. Outbound functionalities include supplier payments and direct debits, while inbound capabilities cover bank reconciliation and cash application. The US Lockbox feature supports check receipts using OCR and MICR recognition technology.

APRO Imaging

Invoice automation for Oracle Financials enhances efficiency through automated AP invoice processing and outbound e-invoice processing. It includes a Peppol Access Point, facilitating standardized electronic invoicing across participating entities. This system streamlines financial operations and ensures compliance with electronic invoicing standards.

APRO Cloud interfacing

The system facilitates the import and export of cloud data related to various business processes. It integrates purchase orders and agreements through Oracle Procurement Cloud, manages customers and transactions via Oracle Financials Cloud – Receivables, and handles suppliers and invoices through Oracle Financials Cloud – Payables. This comprehensive solution streamlines procurement, financial transactions, and payment operations within the cloud.

Oracle E-Business Suite

Oracle E-Business Suite is a comprehensive set of integrated, global business applications that enable organizations to make better decisions, reduce costs, and increase performance. Pairsoft enhances this platform by offering tailored solutions that automate and streamline essential financial operations. Our tools facilitate seamless transaction processing, enhance data accuracy, and improve financial reporting, making it easier for businesses to manage complex financial structures and multi-national operations effectively.

Oracle Financials Cloud

Oracle Financials Cloud provides modern finance capabilities designed to help businesses operate more efficiently and achieve better outcomes through automation of their financial management practices. Pairsoft’s solutions integrate seamlessly with Oracle Financials Cloud to offer advanced automation for invoicing and transaction handling, robust data interfacing for cloud data imports and exports, and comprehensive connectivity solutions for global banking. This ensures that businesses can leverage the full power of cloud technology for improved scalability, security, and compliance in their financial operations.

Which Oracle versions are compatible with APRO’s solutions for invoice automation?

APRO solutions are compatible with all recent versions of Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Financials Cloud, operating release-independently.

Is APRO Imaging e-invoicing ready?

Yes, APRO Imaging is e-invoicing ready and can process all incoming electronic invoices, including formats such as UBL2.1, PeppolBis3, and Svefaktura.

What is the recognition feature of APRO Imaging?

The intelligent document recognition in APRO Imaging finds suppliers based on elements from invoices that match Oracle Financials master data.

How does APRO Imaging retrieve invoices?

APRO Imaging retrieves invoices directly from email accounts, eliminating the need for forwarding messages with additional information in the subject.

What are the benefits of APRO Imaging for AP invoice automation?

Some benefits of APRO Imaging include real-time alignment with Oracle Financials, direct connection with email accounts for invoice ingestion, auto GL coding, support for country localization, and OCR support for various formats.

What is APRO Imaging?

APRO Imaging is the standard solution for invoice processing, fully integrated with Oracle E-Business Suite and compatible with Oracle Financials Cloud.

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