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Instant payment management, instant savings.

PairSoft Pay is a single platform that does the work for you — automating electronic payments while reducing fraud and errors to strengthen your supplier relationships.

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A smarter way to pay.

PairSoft Pay simplifies AP payments while enhancing speed and security directly from your ERP.  

By eliminating paper checks in favor of an electronic platform, you’ll save your team the excessive time and money normally spent on a manual payment management process. 

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Effortless payments.

A singular payment management system

Our centralized payment management software works within your ERP dashboard to streamline transactions in one secure place, with automated bill pay updates for hands-off administration. 

Track cash flow and workflows

PairSoft Pay provides full visibility into your cash management and business processes, allowing you to easily track where every cent is going and download reports for quick audits.

Custom notifications

Choose notification types and recipients based on your workflows, plus receive instant alerts for essentials like vendor invoices or provider pricing changes.

Full program support center

Our expert support team is dedicated to providing quick service for all your technical needs and questions so that you can focus on strengthening your supplier relationships. 

Free up to 84% of your staff’s time spent on payment-related tasks.

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How does PairSoft Pay work?

With PairSoft Pay, you will do a payment run from your accounting system just like you do today, but instead of selecting payments for print and executing the payment process yourself, you will send them to PairSoft Pay (powered by Finexio) for processing.  

Once the payment batch is submitted, the system debits all payments from your company’s bank account(s) for secure funding and purchase order fulfillment. Funds are then distributed to your vendors according to their preferred payment method.

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How does this affect my suppliers?

Once you enroll in PairSoft Pay (powered by Finexio), we conduct a tailored outreach campaign to your suppliers to convert them to a form of online payment processing. The current electronic payment options are:  

Virtual Credit Card, aka vCard: a single-use non-plastic credit card account emailed securely at each payment transmission to the supplier along with remittance details. vCards are typically sent faster to a supplier than a check by mail and settle more quickly. vCard is the preferred payment method for our customers because vCard payments, like a cash-back credit card, generate cash as a percentage of the payment total. This cash back funds the program and will become a new revenue stream for you.  

ACH: funds sent electronically to the supplier’s bank in real-time. Like vCard, ACH payments are supported by remittance info emailed to the supplier and are faster for the supplier than check by mail.  

Suppliers unable to move to an electronic payment method will remain as a check payment on an exception basis.

How much of my AP spend can be managed by PairSoft Pay?

100% of your accounts payable spend is taken care of through our payment management solution.  

Whether you’re a small business or a larger international company, PairSoft Pay (powered by Finexio) is an electronic payment system tailored to your business needs and CRM if you’re using PaperSave with Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC or GP.

Make your payments work for you 24/7.

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