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Do more good with fundraising automation.

Go beyond transactional fundraising and elevate your donor experience with PairSoft’s automation solutions.

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Build your philanthropic momentum with PairSoft’s fundraising automation.

Without supportive gift-processing software, keeping track of donor details, supporting documents, and ongoing correspondence is time-consuming and costly. PairSoft’s solutions plug into your existing CRM to help fundraisers keep the pace.

Our software shoulders the burden of manual tasks so you can focus on strengthening your donor relationships. Cloud-based document management, electronic workflows, and automated gift processing work in concert with your CRM for improved donor management.

Without PairSoft:
  • Labor-intensive gift processing
  • Misplaced files
  • Buried donor information
  • Data errors
  • Fragmented internal collaboration
  • Unprotected data
  • Lengthy audits
With PairSoft:
  • Automated gift processing
  • Centralized repository
  • Precise data queries and keywords
  • AI data capture and validation
  • Rule-based workflows on mobile and desktop
  • Data encryption, redaction, and annotation
  • Exportable, audit-ready spreadsheets

Focus on your cause, automate everything else.

Capture gifts

Our OCR technology extracts and saves data from your gifts, pledges, email attachments, and invoices into your Blackbaud gift records. With line-by-line accuracy, you can teach PairSoft’s machine learning to autofill new metadata fields and file types.

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Pull data from your donor database

Search and retrieve the donor details you need in seconds. Pull key information in from your entire CRM database in real-time with our SmartList query tool and helpful keyword search.

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Mitigate fraud risk

Protect financial data by encrypting check and transaction documents, and further annotating sensitive information. Control user access to specific documents to minimize security risk.

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Establish organization-wide workflows

Follow internal and regulatory protocols through automated forms, customized controls, and centralized document collection. Quickly process invoices and gifts and improve remote productivity with cloud-based access to your donor data on mobile and desktop.

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First-time donors who get a personalized thank you within 48 hours are 4x more likely to donate again.

Intuitive, out-of-the-box solutions that integrate directly into your donor management software.

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Case Study

Bookkeeping becomes a breeze for Regional Parks Foundation.

The California-based non-profit needed a system that would reduce errors in its auditing and allow easier workflows for handling memberships. PairSoft’s integration with Blackbaud has streamlined documentation, gift processing, and member management so that the five-person Regional Parks team can save thousands per year in overtime expenditure.

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What is fundraising automation?

Fundraising automation is the use of a software solution to reduce risks and improve your team’s efficiency. It uses consumer behavior and predictive analytics to trigger a particular action and takes your work from fundraiser-centric to donor-centric, thereby improving key metrics and results. From online fundraising and email marketing to social media, direct mail, and processing major gifts, fundraising automation supports a nonprofit’s fundraising strategy throughout the donor journey with marketing automation.

What level of customization is possible with fundraising automation?

Fundraising automation allows for detailed customization based on the specific needs of your nonprofit. Sophisticated data extraction and validation systems eliminate repetitive tasks like data entry so you can focus on donor management. Then, customized integrated workflows can help your nonprofit organization manage the entire gift process automatically. Instead of manually compiling data, all your essential information, documents, and transactional data will be automatically collected and compiled for quick and easy real-time review at the click of a button. 

How can PairSoft help in fundraising automation?

PairSoft offers resource-saving tools to elevate donor management through fundraising automation. Their solutions automate gift processing, centralize donor information, provide precise data queries, enable AI data capture and validation, utilize rule-based workflows, and ensure data security through encryption. With PairSoft, organizations can streamline processes and free up time to focus on strengthening donor relationships.

How can PairSoft help with donor management?

PairSoft provides intuitive, out-of-the-box solutions that integrate directly into donor management software. Their automation tools assist in capturing gifts, pulling data from donor databases, mitigating fraud risk, and establishing organization-wide workflows. PairSoft’s solutions aim to simplify processes, improve efficiency, and enhance the overall donor experience for organizations.

How does PairSoft support organizations in streamlining workflows?

PairSoft aids organizations in establishing organization-wide workflows by providing automated forms, customized controls, and centralized document collection. This helps in quickly processing invoices, managing gifts, and improving remote productivity through cloud-based access on mobile and desktop devices. PairSoft’s solutions ensure efficient workflows and compliance with internal and regulatory protocols.

What benefits can organizations expect by using PairSoft’s fundraising automation?

By utilizing PairSoft’s fundraising automation, organizations can expect benefits such as automated gift processing, centralized repository for donor information, precise data queries, AI data capture and validation, rule-based workflows, data encryption, and audit-ready data exports. PairSoft’s solutions help in reducing manual tasks, improving data accuracy, enhancing collaboration, and ensuring data security, ultimately enabling organizations to focus on their cause and donor relationships.

How can organizations request a demo of PairSoft’s fundraising automation solutions?

Organizations can request a live demo of PairSoft’s fundraising automation solutions by completing the form on PairSoft’s website. The demo will be tailored to the organization’s needs and will provide an opportunity to explore how PairSoft’s solutions can benefit their fundraising efforts.

What success stories or case studies are available for PairSoft’s fundraising automation solutions?

PairSoft has various case studies showcasing the impact of their fundraising automation solutions on organizations like the California-based non-profit Regional Parks Foundation. These case studies highlight how PairSoft’s integration with Blackbaud has improved documentation, gift processing, and member management, leading to cost savings and operational efficiencies for non-profit organizations.

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