Streamline Your Gift Process and Nurture Donor Relationships

Free up your fundraising and advancement teams’ time by reducing the amount of traditional, paper-based processes they use. Our secure, cloud-based platform integrates with popular applications and boosts efficiency.


With PairSoft’s help, you can empower your fundraising and donor management teams by shifting to a paperless system, giving them more time to advance your mission.

Spend More Time Advocating for Your Cause With Automated Fundraising Software Solutions

Fundraising teams wear many hats. The same individual might process gifts, nurture donor relationships, identify fundraising opportunities, apply for grants, and process invoices. Without significant support, it’s easy to make mistakes that cost your non-profit time and money.

A fundraising automation platform can help you reduce these risks and improve your team’s efficiency. At PairSoft, we help charitable organizations and non-profits transition to cloud-based document management, electronic workflows, and automated gift processing.

Faster gift processing: When you spend less time handling mundane tasks, you can process gifts more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Lower the risk of fraud: PairSoft uses data encryption and robust cybersecurity tools to protect your donors’ and organization’s sensitive data.

Eliminate data entry errors: By removing manual data entry, our automated platform lowers your risk of costly mistakes.

Reduce your need for temporary staff: With automated gift processing, non-profits can keep up with peaks and troughs in demand with fewer workers and volunteers.

Instantly access information: Whether looking for supporting documents or addressing donor inquiries, staff members can always find information in an instant thanks to PairSoft’s record-keeping capabilities.

How We Help:

Automated Gift and Donation Processing

Donation processing is essential, but often time-consuming and transactional work. Quickly and efficiently put your donor’s gifts to use with automated workflows and data management solutions. Our sophisticated data extraction and validation systems eliminate routine, repetitive tasks like data entry. Then, PairSoft’s integrated workflows can help you manage the entire gift process and integrate them with your other applications.


  • Our OCR engine learns how to collect data from documents, ensuring that new document formats are always supported.
  • Manage gift batches from one location.

  • Process transactions securely, regardless of their complexity.

How We Help:

Streamlined, Secure Document Management

While many fundraising teams are eager to boost their efficiency, cybersecurity concerns sometimes give them pause. Our document management platform provides peace of mind, combining easy-to-use document capture solutions, automated workflows, and robust cybersecurity measures.

Instead of sifting through stacks of paper and file cabinets, your fundraising team can find all the essential documents with a click of a button.


  • Simplified scanning and data capture options
  • Automated integrations compile documents from applications and email
  • Data encryption and robust security systems protect your sensitive data
  • Add even more levels of protection with annotation, redaction, and customized user and group roles
  • Sophisticated structured and unstructured search tools

How We Help:

Intuitive Workflows

Reduce the need to manage traditional, paper-based processes with automated, streamlined fundraising and advancement workflows. Instead of manually compiling data, all your essential financial information, documents, and transactional data will be automatically collected and stored.


  • Maintain consistent processes: With automated forms, customized controls, and seamless document collection, your teams will more easily follow internal and regulatory protocols.
  • Boost collaboration: You can easily share documents and tasks within your organization and with key stakeholders.
  • Faster audits: Electronic, paperless workflows make it simpler to monitor and audit your fundraising efforts. You’ll no longer have to scramble, looking for lost or misfiled documents with our easy-to-use document capture and search tools.

How We Help:

Out-of-the-Box Integrations With Fundraising Software Platforms

It’s hard to imagine orchestrating a capital or annual campaign without fundraising software. Whether you rely on Raiser’s Edge, Raiser’s Edge NXT, or Blackbaud CRM, we offer intuitive, out-of-the-box integrations with these platforms.

Information can be automatically entered into your preferred ERP or CRM, ensuring that your teams always have consistent, accurate information. And we added even more layers of security to protect your organization’s and donors’ confidential information.