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Make OCR capture your administrative hero.

Tired of keying in data and indexing through folders? Automate all your paper documents and electronic files with our intuitive document capture technology.

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Paper is expensive, easily lost or misfiled, and takes up a lot of space. Keying in PDF files, and sorting through email attachments can be just as frustrating. Without automatic data capture and data extraction, the key information on paper and online files cannot be readily retrieved, actioned, or shared.

PairSoft’s built-in OCR technology scans and extracts data from paper and online files directly into your ERP with line-by-line accuracy. Machine learning first intercepts and validates document data to flag and escalate exceptions. Data is then transferred, encrypted and stored in your central repository.

Your database will contain fewer mistakes, be more secure, and you’ll increase your team’s productivity without adding to your headcount. All tightly integrated into your ERP.

From document to ERP in seconds.

Reduce human error

OCR technology scans both digital and hardcopy documents to automatically fill form fields for you. Machine learning validates the information against your current database for an added layer of accuracy.

Streamline processing

Our document scanning software can easily identify vendor, date, currency, and amount data to help you process documents quickly. It can even recognize barcodes and company logos.

Identify new efficiencies

Teach your system to find and transcribe information that typically skews from traditional data fields. The more you use it, the more your system will learn. Simply point and click to autofill learned definitions.

Go paperless with intelligent paper imaging.


Scan paper documents directly to your database.


ScanLater™ automatically matches multiple physical documents to the corresponding record or transaction.


Enter transactions directly from an image within a workflow queue. PairSoft automatically attaches the original image to the transaction.

Forms Recapture

Capture documents produced by host systems like AP checks, packaging slips, bill of ladings, etc.

Extract and store digital data
from electronic documents.

Outlook Integration

Extract the data from email attachments and route the information directly into your workflow, or associate it with an existing record in your ERP. All from Outlook.

Microsoft Office Integration

Add PowerPoint, Word, or Excel documents right into your ERP record or enter it into the workflow from your toolbar.

Drag & Drop

“Grab” a document from Outlook, file manager, or your desktop and drop it into your workflow to automatically associate it with a record or transaction.

File Management

Simply right-click on all supported file types to seamlessly add documents into your ERP database.

Attach a Document

Quickly browse your ERP to pull up a copy of any imported document.


Print directly from your ERP using the PairSoft printer driver to capture, index, and store documents.

What companies are saying.

“Everyone in my department has a scanner and two screens, so every process they do is paperless. We started realizing we had some real estate in our office that we could use more efficiently if we scanned the documents and got rid of all those file cabinets. That’s what sold us on it, the ability to file in real time.”

CFO & Senior VP of Finance and Administration, Carlos Molina
United Way of Miam-Dade County

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What is document capture software?

Document capture software automates the process of scanning paper documents or importing a high volume of electronic documents from scans, copies, faxes, or Microsoft Office into a central digital space. This document management solution assists in advanced document classification and data collection processes, often capturing, classifying, and extracting data from various document types, and enabling end-to-end process automation.

How to automate processes with document capture software?

Document capture software automates processes through rich machine learning and AI technology capable of recognizing invoices and capturing a high volume of electronic documents (such as scans, copies, faxes, and Microsoft documents and data down to the line level — with no up-front setup. This capture solution allows document processing across business applications such as expense report creation to be automated, cutting down on costly mistakes with faster, more accurate, and more reliable data. From data extraction and optical character recognition to document imaging, this type of document management software streamlines your business processes.

How Document Management Software Transforms Finance Teams

Document management software transforms finance teams by streamlining document capture, validation, retrieval, and storage processes. It automates tasks such as invoice processing, P2P process automation, capture of documents within ERP systems, and more. This transformation leads to reduced manual tasks, increased accuracy, and improved efficiency within finance departments.

OCR Technology: The End of Manual Data Entry

OCR technology eliminates manual data entry by scanning and extracting data from paper and electronic documents with high accuracy. It helps in automating data capture, validation, and storage processes, reducing human errors and increasing productivity. This technology streamlines workflows and ensures data integrity in business operations.

Trust But Verify: Handling Month-End Reports with Confidence

Handling month-end reports with confidence involves utilizing document capture software to ensure accurate data extraction, validation, and reporting. By trusting the automated processes enabled by OCR and document management software, finance teams can verify data integrity, reconcile reports, and make informed decisions based on reliable information.

Reduce human error

Document capture software reduces human error by utilizing OCR technology to automatically fill form fields, validate information against databases, and streamline document processing. By automating data capture and extraction, the software minimizes manual data entry errors, leading to more accurate and efficient workflows.

Streamline processing

Document capture software streamlines processing by identifying and extracting key data elements from documents, such as vendor details, dates, currency, amounts, and more. This streamlined processing accelerates document workflows, increases efficiency, and enables faster decision-making within organizations.

Identify new efficiencies

Document capture software helps identify new efficiencies by teaching the system to recognize and transcribe information that may not fit traditional data fields. As the system learns through use, it becomes more proficient at automatically processing documents, extracting data, and improving overall operational efficiencies.

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