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Manual and paper-based workflows are labor-intensive and inefficient. They require repetitive tasks like data entry and leave a wide margin for error. Disconnected, third-party document automation and workflow software further complicate and bloat your process.

PairSoft’s fully integrated electronic workflow management streamlines and automates the entire AP process, all within your ERP. Powerful machine learning coupled with OCR technology helps you leverage hidden insights, patterns, and templates to automatically improve your document workflows. 

Empower your teams to do their best work with custom workflows.

Streamline business processes across departments

Propel productive collaboration without admin time. Easily delegate tasks, adjust permissions, and eliminate bottlenecks with automatic document routing and step-by-step, rule-based progressions.

Eliminate data-entry errors

Built-in OCR technology scans digital and hand-written data fields into your database. Document attachments are automatically pulled and routed into your ERP. Machine learning then validates the information against all your records for error-free invoicing, payments, and purchase orders.

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Simplify accruals and budgeting

Leverage automated workflows and document management to protect your spending and your time. Clearly define how expense amounts will be accounted for and then validate your general ledger distribution with PairSoft’s no-code solution.

Speed up the approval process

Delegate approvers and supply them with all the information they need in one place. Create your approval pathway to fit your organization’s structure and needs. Approve and escalate easily on mobile or desktop.

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Increase data visibility

View document approval history and workflow status. Pull specific documents with our SmartList query tool or keyword search, and prompt users to provide key information with questionnaires.

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What companies are saying.

“With PaperSave, it was not only how much it does, but also the flexibility it provides. The ability to design custom scripting into the workflow was something we were looking for.”

Greg Dzurinda
Computer Information Systems Supervisor, The Zidian Group


What is document workflow software?

Document workflow software provides a system for organizations to automatically generate, track, revise, approve, and destroy documents using automation that is linked to business processes. Document workflow software routes information electronically as individuals edit files to reduce errors, increase productivity, and improve workflow management. Automated workflows optimize how we leverage document management systems with their ability to streamline real-time business processes.

How to automate processes with document workflow software?

Document workflow software automates and streamlines your operations across multiple departments for optimized approval workflows and greater real-time visibility. Automate your audits, general ledger distribution, and gift processing to simplify data collection and interpretation with customizable reports. A centralized document workflow software also allows your employees to share documents seamlessly so coworkers are enabled to take ownership of document workflow, notifications, approval processes, and permissions in real time.

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