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Ready-to-deploy purchase order management for your ERP.

Achieve friction-less PO management with rule-based routing and real-time procurement process capabilities.

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Stacked invoices, bottlenecked approvals, and overflowing inboxes contribute to fraud risk and employee exhaustion. Purchase order management shouldn’t be this clunky and complex.

Tightly integrated with your ERP, PairSoft helps you close the books feeling confident and refreshed. Our enterprise-grade technology automatically tracks, organizes, and routes POs so you don’t have to. Eliminate line-item human error associated with manual processes like data entry. Dramatically increase control over transactions, keep purchasing commitments up to date, and streamline the entire pricing and purchase order process from your ERP.

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Control user permissions

Set up secure permission conditions to optimize your approval routing and satisfy financial compliance.

Maintain flexible PO methods

Choose to send POs automatically via email, through analog processes or cXML.

Instant receipts and invoices

Generate receipts and process invoices at the same time as PO creation.

Centralize document management

Oversee change order and inventory management, document retention, revision number tracking, and approval workflow from one place.

Be audit-ready

Automatically track the entire purchasing lifecycle and export comprehensive audit trails directly into Excel.

Leverage insights and analytics

Manage your spending and ensure end-to-end purchase order compliance with analytics dashboards and purchasing authorizations.

What customers are saying.

“We transitioned from an old DMS and a network file share. The file share required everyone to follow naming conventions of folders and files (this never works). With Docupeak, users aren’t wasting time building out the long file names with the right information but instead just make a few selections and the software fills all that metadata in. When looking at a NetSuite record, it’s easy to see what the document is and easy to search for it even if the file name makes no sense. It was a great decision to pick Docupeak, and our users love it.”

VP, Operations & IT, Dale Ohsberg
Marco Rubber & Plastics

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What is purchase order management?

Purchase order management is an internal process adopted by an organization to ensure that every purchase is required and optimized for cost. Specific purchase order management processes may vary between organizations, but all make employees productive and ensure that costs are justified. To automate your purchase order management processes would enable your organization to streamline workflow, and eliminate manual processes. Learn how purchase order management software can streamline your workflow and inventory management processes while controlling costs, ensuring the best purchasing value, fast-tracking the approval processes, and implementing routing changes.

How to automate processes with purchase order management?

Purchase order management processes can be automated through an Enterprise Procurement System software that tracks, manages, organizes, and instantly routes approved requests for PO creation. These purchase order process solutions increase control over transactions, keep purchasing commitments up to date, and streamline the time-consuming procurement process company-wide. Stay within your budget, avoid duplicate purchases, track committed costs, reduce error potential or fraud, and access real-time visibility into spending patterns. Learn how PairSoft can help your small business drive business growth with a user-friendly purchase order management process throughout the lifecycle of your procurement process.

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