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Move your inventory at speed and scale with real-time insight into your channels, orders, and fulfillment data.

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To stay competitive, suppliers and vendors need to deliver quality products fast. But as businesses scale, complexity increases. Keeping up with today’s supply chain demand is impossible without the right tools.

Work smarter not harder with PairSoft’s inventory management solutions. Our software enables you to order, fulfill, and transfer stock within a few clicks, from any device and location. Implement company-wide spend controls to reveal full inventory visibility. Simply plug us into your ERP. It’s that easy.

Master the ins and outs of
inventory management.

Tighten spend control

Review your cash flow across your teams and operations in real-time. Pinpoint opportunities to save on cost and set custom spending parameters across the requisition and approval process.

Oversee operations virtually

Our fully integrated inventory technology reduces manual processes like data entry and serial and lot item management so you can manage your inventory operations and manufacturing process anytime, anywhere.

Automate stock replenishment

Replenishment software tracks and adjusts your inventory relative to forecasted demand. Using automation, requisitions are automatically created and routed so that you never over or under stock again.

Increase inventory visibility

Receive real-time inventory updates and review purchasing cycle play-by-plays, all without leaving your ERP. Instantly generate clean audit trails with complete inventory history.

What customers are saying.

“When we did the ROI, we estimated a savings of $62,000 each year just from people’s time searching files and getting approvals. PaperSave eliminated all searching for items, even customer agreements. I love seeing a ‘paper’ trail all there. You can see every step of the way.”

Barb Shaffer
Controller, Comfort Research

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What is material requisition software?

Material requisition software streamlines and digitizes the production process and allows purchasing managers to quickly communicate with various suppliers about purchase orders in a short period of time. These material requisition solutions automatically populate lists of items to be picked up from inventory for the provision of a service to a customer for a specific job. A material requisition is a document managed by the production department to request materials they need to complete a manufacturing process. 

How to automate processes with material requisition software?

Material requisition software is used to automate processes in inventory-to-requisition from start to finish. Inventory management is improved by speeding up and simplifying internal fulfillment, tracking purchase requests, maintaining an audit trail, and shedding light on replenishment activities. When utilizing material requisition software, ordering, fulfilling, and transferring stock held at any inventory location can be done with confidence and ease.

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Inventory management has never been easier.

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