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Browse less, save more with guided buying catalogs.

With a guided buying catalog, your team can shop curated catalog items from your preferred suppliers at your negotiated prices. All within your ERP.

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In short, guided buying catalogs simplify the purchasing of goods and services.

Built seamlessly into your ERP, PairSoft’s guided buying catalog features company-approved items for employees to purchase in real-time. All catalog items are pre-selected and authorized by procurement to ensure that end-users make spend-compliant purchases.

An intuitive user interface combined with automation technology and search functionality enables users to streamline the entire procurement process from requisition to receipt.

All the features you need, all from PairSoft.

Collaborate with preferred suppliers

Select catalog items from your preferred suppliers for both recurring and one-off purchases. Create supplier-specific catalogs to enforce negotiated purchasing agreements and discounts.

Reduce manual data entry

Instantly capture and route your requisitions and purchase orders to the appropriate approver and supplier. Reduce data entry with auto-filled vendor items, pricing, and accounting information.

Ensure spend compliance

Pre-approve all catalog items available to each individual user for tight-spend control. Customize budgeting rules according to employee department, tier, and functional need.

Enhance the user experience

Provide users with a personalized navigation tree, specific to their title and unique purchasing requirements. Organize your catalog items into intuitive categories and leverage easy-to-use search functionality.

Cut down on cost

Generate long-term ROI by eliminating maverick spending and increasing company-wide compliance. By automating the associated manual tasks, you’ll save immediately on overhead cost.

Quick to deploy

Publish catalogs across the entire organization or selectively by team and department. Create, publish, and maintain your catalogs easily by file import or with your ERP’s existing inventory list.

What customers are saying.

“It’s been transformational for our individual councils and for our organization as a whole.”

Senior Vice President of Finance, Urban Land Institute
Steve Slepian

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What is a guided buying catalog?

A guided buying catalog is an internal catalog of products and/or services containing items of your choosing organized by vendor, department, type of item, and more. Guided buying catalogs empower users across the entire organization to shop for goods and create requisitions when and where it’s convenient for them, without the need to search out the best supplier and pricing for each individual item. Guided buying catalogs create purchase requisitions from your preferred suppliers and ensure you get the best purchasing value while implementing policy, approval workflows, and routing changes.

What level of customization is possible with guided buying catalogs?

Guided buying catalogs help improve your catalog management by providing a high level of customization to enhance the user shopping experience. By creating requisitions while controlling costs, you can direct the majority of routine, recurring purchases to your preferred suppliers, while maximizing your buying power — and negotiating pricing. Organizations can leverage this procurement solution by organizing their catalog items with unlimited categories that provide users with a navigation tree specific to their business. Catalogs can be published across the entire organization or selectively by company or department.

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