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Board of Directors Enjoys Paperless Process

Wadih Pazos December 5, 2012

Board of Directors Enjoys Paperless Process
Document Management
Electronic document management can help organizations go paperless, resulting in increases in productivity that replace long hours with copy machines and next to filing cabinets.

According to Electric Co-op Today, the board of directors of Southern Pine in Taylorsville, Mississippi is working without paper, using tablets to replace traditional ways of disseminating information.

Previously, the directors were mailed material via post. Today, they’re able to receive documents for review via email.

Although electronic solutions are common and easy to use, they still require careful thought before deployment. Southern Pine didn’t implement its solution haphazardly.

“We made several visits to other co-ops that were using various portals or in-house paperless solutions,” said Jan Collins, executive assistant to the general manager and board of Southern Pine, according to the news source.

Choosing electronic technology

The board chose to use iPads to facilitate paperless process. “It was important to us that our directors enjoy their iPads and feel comfortable using them,” Collins said.

The directors were encouraged to download apps they enjoyed to their iPads to promote use of the devices. Collins reported that the directors quickly became comfortable with the solution, making the transition to paperless meetings effortless.

She also said that the need to mail documents to the directors has been completely annihilated. Southern Pine’s paperless solutions experience is a success story, she said, according to Electric Co-op Today.

Office environments implement paperless processes

According to The Daily Journal, paperless solutions are appearing around the country as office environments realizing the increases in efficiency they bring. The ability to incorporate paperless accounts payable solutions like invoicing and eSignatures is enhancing the way enterprises do business.

It is important to make sure a range of paperless processes are in place to ensure success.

“It turned out that one guy would save paper and send an email, but the next guy would print a copy to save in a file,” said Marty Whalen of Martin Whalen Office Solutions.

Electronic document management can help

Rather than spend hours printing, passing and singing, executives and other employees can enjoy looking at important documents on their computer screens.

Electronic document management solutions can be implemented in a range of organizations—from enterprises to schools to healthcare facilities—to make processes run more smoothly, freeing up precious resources and storage space.

Wadih Pazos

Wadih founded both PairSoft and PaperSave. He is an avid technologist who specializes in streamlining operations and maximizing productivity.

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