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Businesses Appreciate Companies, Individuals Who Make Paperless Easier

Wadih Pazos October 2, 2013

Businesses Appreciate Companies, Individuals Who Make Paperless Easier
Document Management
Companies all over the world and in any sector you could imagine are increasingly embracing electronic workflow. Instead of having to sift through thousands of files for someone with a common last name, wouldn’t it be easier if workers at insurance companies could just type in a few keywords and find the records of the client they want? What about a huge, multi-national manufacturer – it would be so much simpler for employees to enter some specific information into an invoice template, send it off to multiple clients and receive it back quickly and easily.

The perks of having a paperless system in place within an office setting are massive – the time and cost savings alone should be able to convince almost any company leader that they should be investing in document management software.

It’s all well and good if a specific business goes digital. However, what’s the point if their clients and partners don’t follow their lead? Companies might have trouble with formatting or other elements if those customers receiving the invoices don’t have compatible systems – they might not be able to see the right setup, if they can tap into the document at all. It’s a given to say that digitizing is beneficial, but if everyone was on board, it would be so much more effective.

This may prompt corporate leaders to share the news that they’ve finally made the foray into the 21st century with their business partners and explain that for best results, they should set up their systems accordingly. Not only would this be convenient, but it could also serve to deepen the relationship between businesses.

Entice them with the perks

Perhaps the easiest way to convince a business contact to go paperless is to think about what swayed your vote. Was it the fact that you no longer have to pay for things like reams of paper, ink and a variety of other items? Or could it have been the fact that you freed up floor space after you got rid of file cabinets because you no longer needed the tangible copies? Chances are these are the same things your partners would also enjoy.

Rather than being imposing, it might be best to inform your corporate contacts about the advantages your business has seen, and let them draw their own conclusions from there. Another factor that could help is noting that for best results when doing things like accessing invoices, the other party should have the same document management programs installed.

What about new hires?

It can definitely be helpful if other companies you work with digitize, but what about individual people? It’s obvious that all employees would have access to the paperless system and would quickly become well-versed with what strategies they should use when doing work. This might even prompt them to do the same to their home offices. This also has some other benefits – if employees digitized at home and made sure their systems were compatible with the programs and infrastructure elements used in the office, they may be able to work remotely. This could make the company much more productive in the long run.

Fast Company reported that some businesses can take this even further and have applicants for new positions send their resumes online. The source stated that some innovative go-getters on the hunt for a new job are already doing this, assuming that computer-savvy company leaders will respond well to this, and they are largely right.

The news source indicated that the first thing individuals should do when applying for jobs is to make sure that their social media pages – especially LinkedIn accounts – are updated with work experience.

Wadih Pazos

Wadih founded both PairSoft and PaperSave. He is an avid technologist who specializes in streamlining operations and maximizing productivity.

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