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What Makes a DMS Software User-Friendly?

Jemina Boyd October 1, 2021

What Makes a DMS Software User-Friendly?
Document Management
Enterprise software has a reputation for being complex and unintuitive. Many platforms feature densely packed menus, unpleasant color schemes, and confusing workflows that cause frustration and slow down processes. User-friendly tools improve employee productivity, so if you’re looking for an enterprise document management systems (DMS), make sure it offers the following:

Seamless setup

The first thing you should do is find out if the software is easy to install. It must have a straightforward setup process that requires minimal intervention from expert technicians. Don’t waste your time on software that experiences dozens of installation errors.

You can even get rid of long, drawn-out installations by opting for enterprise cloud applications like PairSoft. Instead of installing the app on your servers, you can access it right away via a web browser such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox on any device.

Simple user interface (UI)

An intuitive UI is the hallmark of user-friendly software. Before purchasing any program, sign up for a free demo and have your staff review its UI and features. The ideal software should have a logical design that makes it easy for employees to find and use the features they need.

PairSoft follows this design methodology by using ribbon menus and simple icons, so users can edit scanned documents and create automated workflows without much training. Options, functions, and forms are also evenly spaced out, which gives the UI a cleaner, less cluttered look. In fact, its UI is similar to how Microsoft lays out their apps so that employees will intuitively know where things are, or at least know how to find them.

Informative tooltips

No matter how well-designed the UI is, there’s always a chance employees won’t know what specific buttons and functions do. That’s why your software should display context-sensitive tooltips when you mouseover specific buttons. This is a small feature that often gets overlooked, but goes a long way in helping users quickly decide what to do without looking through online forums and guides to navigate the app.

High-speed functionality

How fast your software gets things done is another great indicator for determining user-friendliness. For example, user-friendly DMS software must be able to process and find documents in a matter of seconds.

You can consider PairSoft a user-friendly solution because it comes with optical character recognition — a feature that instantly converts scanned files into digital documents that can be indexed, edited, and retrieved from a massive database with ease.

Tight third-party integration

Enterprise software that works well with other programs is a huge plus because you get more features, and you don’t have to switch between multiple windows. Just imagine how efficient your company can be if data from your DMS database flows seamlessly with your accounting database.

For starters, you can reduce the time and effort of manually inputting data from scanned documents to your accounting system. Everything is consolidated in a single window, giving you complete visibility over everything. Finally, you can easily program multi-step workflows that automatically route scanned invoices and purchase orders to a designated approval manager.

Frequent updates

Software updates may include a slicker UI, faster load times, and even bug fixes to improve the overall user experience, so ask your provider how often they patch their products. If they hardly made any improvements over the course of a year, you should look for a better alternative.

Top-notch customer service

Besides features and aesthetics, user-friendly software must have support systems in case you experience technical issues. To confirm this, look through your provider’s website. Do they have a customer service portal and a good track record serving other clients? If so, you may have found your software.

PairSoft is a leading DMS solution that ensures a positive experience for business users. Our software is intuitive, feature-rich, and supported by experts around-the-clock. Sign up for a free demo today to see how user-friendly our software is for yourself.

Jemina Boyd

Jem Boyd has 10+ years of ERP strategic marketing and implementation experience across a variety of platforms. She specializes in developing PairSoft's platform relationships as well as campaigns with Microsoft, NetSuite, Sage, and Blackbaud. She is based in Nashville.

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