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Never Lose a Document Again by Going Paperless

Wadih Pazos June 21, 2014

Never lose a document again by going paperless
Document Management
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When working in an industry as complicated as manufacturing, any paperwork that slips through the cracks could be potentially catastrophic. By adopting a paperless solution like document management software that spans the entire company, the fear that formerly encouraged all staff members to keep an obsessive tangible catalog of these items can be eliminated. This focus can then be moved to achieve electronic workflow in other areas of the business, improving efficiency organization-wide and transforming its bottom line.

The problem

In manufacturing, proof of delivery documents are exchanged on a daily basis as a way of keeping a record of transactions between the delivery company and the receiving party. Until very recently, these forms have been universally paper-based, but brands like PairSoft have empowered these companies to keep more precise information that gives the manufacturing business irrefutable proof that an item or package was delivered.

Oftentimes, customers can use the excuse of “losing the paperwork” to claim that something was ever brought to their doorstep in an effort to refuse payment for something that was actually received. If there is paperwork confused on the side of the delivery service, how could a company have any evidence to contest such a statement? Fortunately, as reported by the Forum of Private Business, the Digital Age has ushered in the ability to store information digitally where it can be accessed anywhere, giving those with paperless technology a huge advantage.

How to resolve this issue

When a business takes on a solution as intelligent and easily integrated as PairSoft, it can use the basic data management infrastructure and a number of simple add-ons to make the day-to-day smoother and customers happier overall.

PairSoft Forms Recapture has a customized system for this industry, and generates a unique barcode upon the delivery of any product. The ticket is signed by those who receive the package as a confirmation, and the document is taken back to the home office. Instead of depositing the form into yet another disorganized folder, only to disappear in the back of an old filing cabinet, PairSoft provides a scanner as a part of the solution that the document management software automatically sorts the scanned file into the system. To make things easier for the company in the future, all items are completely searchable and can be referred to at any time by those with access to the infrastructure.

What’s more, going paperless preserves a manufacturing company’s bottom line by saving internal time for staff. According to The Paperless Project, an average employee in any industry spends about a third of their time at work looking for the correct document to file, time that can be saved by organizing effectively using a reliable scanning system.

With the power of paperless document management at your side, your company can experience electronic workflow and efficiency in every department in heaping helpings. In the manufacturing industry especially, going paperless has the ability to change the way business is done for the better.

Wadih Pazos

Wadih founded both PairSoft and PaperSave. He is an avid technologist who specializes in streamlining operations and maximizing productivity.

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