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Say Goodbye to Digital Nephophobia with Cloud-Based Document Management

Wadih Pazos August 23, 2016

Say Goodbye to Digital Nephophobia with Cloud-Based Document Management
Document Management
Nephophobia is defined as being a fear of clouds, and this word has resonated through the IT sector for about a decade now. Even before the widespread breakout of high-profile data breaches began to take place around 2010, the average decision-maker in the private and public sectors was avoiding cloud computing out of fear of security issues. Despite the fact that those fears have largely subsided of late, concerns are still impacting the ways in which companies are interacting with the cloud, what they are willing to migrate to these systems and more.

Document management is the area that might have the most to gain from being handled in cloud-based environments, as well as the one that leaders might be most concerned about, especially when the files involved contain sensitive information. However, it has become clear that a push into the cloud actually represents a step away from the traditional threats of IT security, and toward safer territories.

How does cloud improve security?

Renowned analyst and expert David Linthicum recently published a blog post in InfoWorld regarding the ways in which cloud computing can improve security compared to legacy IT and other traditional methods of document management. According to the author, the characteristics that differentiate the cloud from traditional IT are the same ones that make it a smarter choice from a security standpoint. Notably, he is referring to public cloud models, which were far more feared than private options only a few years ago.

Linthicum posited that the public cloud is more centralized than the legacy systems of the past, which makes it far easier to regularly improve from an upgrade-and-update standpoint. Considering how quickly threats to data security progress and advance in the modern IT landscape, a slow-moving model that is clumsy and difficult to adjust will be inherently more at-risk of becoming victimized than one that is nimble and agile.

The analyst went on to point out that public cloud service providers have invested far more into security than the average business thanks to the fears that prevented those companies from adopting the technology in the past. Linthicum also argued that security is treated in a more innovative and modern fashion among cloud computing vendors than those of legacy systems because they are so novel. For these reasons and many more, the cloud is superior when compared to an average organization’s on-site, legacy-based document management systems.

Are there other advantages?

Cloud-based document management presents a proverbial universe of benefits when lined up against antiquated IT. For one, with the other trends taking place in data-related areas of business management, including analytics and mobility, businesses need a solution that can flexibly adjust to potentially advantageous opportunities.

Storage tends to be more affordable, and user experiences are generally preferable when working with cloud-based document management compared to traditional options. Business leaders who have not yet considered migrating their document management systems into the cloud ought to do so soon.

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Wadih Pazos

Wadih founded both PairSoft and PaperSave. He is an avid technologist who specializes in streamlining operations and maximizing productivity.

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