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CraftMark Bakery Achieves Invoice Efficiency with PairSoft

PairSoft June 14, 2019

CraftMark Bakery Achieves Invoice Efficiency with PairSoft
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The Client

As a high-speed, automated commercial bakery, CraftMark Bakery combines advanced technologies and integrated processes to deliver great quality products for leading global and national brands.

The Challenge

CraftMark Bakery has seen immense growth, going from $0 to $200 Million in four years and building a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility with 345,000 square feet of production lines from scratch.

This gave them the ability to distribute products to 80% of the United States within a day’s drive.

They had a unique strategy. Unlike most companies trying to reduce full time employees, from the very start CraftMark Bakery focused on automation to avoid adding manual labor to processes.

This included AP process automation for their existing NetSuite system that had been in place for two years.

The Solution

By implementing PairSoft into their existing NetSuite solution, they could streamline more than just capture, it managed the entire approval process and steps.

Although initially CraftMark looked at PairSoft for AP processing, they quickly realized its potential for expansion into other processes.

This allowed them to reduce cycle times from two weeks down to just 24 hours. PairSoft also gave them the peak performance of a single full-time employee handling the work of five.

The Results

Here are the results CraftMark saw by implementing PairSoft:

  • Exceptions are handled electronically rather than printing and chasing down signatures
  • Avoided adding additional manual labor to streamline processes
  • Cycle times reduced from two weeks to 24 hours, with a single employee handling the work of five full time people
  • Ability to use document management outside of the AP department

“Unlike most companies trying to reduce full time employees, from the very start we focused on automation to avoid adding manual labor to processes.”

Tim Ward
CIO CraftMark Bakery


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