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DePaul Experiences Significant Savings with PairSoft

PairSoft April 6, 2021

DePaul Experiences Significant Savings with PairSoft
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The Client

DePaul, a not-for-profit based in Rochester, New York, helps people who have been underserved. They include the elderly and people with developmental disabilities, those recovering from mental illness and addictions, and folks who have a history of homelessness. Yet there was no program in place to give a helping hand to DePaul’s accounting employees, who faced a mountain of paperwork and files day in and day out.

The Challenge

“We always spoke about how we wanted to be paperless,” explained A/P manager Karen Syracuse. “Anything so we don’t have to file. We put a lot of time into filing.”

The Solution

Once she discovered PairSoft, Syracuse and her co-workers were anxious to get it implemented, though she did have concerns about how effective it might be. Fortunately she discovered it was really easy to use and even her co-workers in North Carolina were pleased with the new system.

Most of their invoices arrive in the mail, already approved from the site. Employees open an electronic file, process payments, use the PairSoft ScanFirst™ feature, enter it in Microsoft® Dynamics® GP, and edit the details. The process is so easy, Syracuse said, it has revolutionized DePaul’s entire processing system.

The Results

The best benefit, however, is that out of each week, Syracuse and her staff now get back a day and a half-worth of hours they previously spent filing. And: “We’ve gotten rid of file cabinets. The kind with four drawers—the wide version. Nine file cabinets.”

DePaul is also realizing the financial benefits gleaned from their investment in PairSoft. “You spend a lot of money every year purchasing files, labels, archiving, buying boxes…” she explained, and added, “We have more open space, too.” The company has also been able to save an exorbitant amount by not having to hire additional staff to handle compounding paperwork.

DePaul’s vendors have also noticed improvements in customer service: “They know it doesn’t take me as long to get back to them. I used to take an hour of each day. I’d have to pull things and look them up.”

Syracuse has been especially pleased with the level of attention she receives from PairSoft’s representatives who respond to her e-mail inquiries expediently and offer assistance via phone conferencing and computer interactions.

In the future Syracuse predicts her sales staff and accounts receivable folks will start using PairSoft. But in the meantime she’s just happy to have found software that helps DePaul run like a well-oiled machine: “It just makes us so much more efficient. It doesn’t seem like we’re stuck in the caveman days anymore!

Measures of Success

  • Filing is done quickly and accurately
  • Paper waste has been greatly reduced
  • Four large file cabinets have been removed, opening up extra space
  • DePaul saved money from not having to hire additional staff


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