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PairSoft Helps Integrated Business Group Add Value to Customers’ Software Purchases

PairSoft February 4, 2021

PairSoft Helps Integrated Business Group Add Value to Customers
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The Client

Integrated Business Group is a value-added reseller (VAR) based in Altamonte Springs, Florida. IBG has been a PairSoft distributor in the Orlando area since 2006. Before then, their sales and marketing director, Ron Ullyot, admitted they considered becoming a provider for other document imaging solutions. “We tried for years to sell it, but it was always too expensive,” he explained. “My biggest concern with most document imaging solutions is the cost.”

The Challenge

Especially amidst the current economic conditions, Ullyot said people are trying to get their software to do more for them, especially since many companies have been forced to cut staff.

As a VAR, Integrated Business group wanted to offer customers a document management software that easily integrates with the software it already sells – Microsoft GP and SharePoint. The product combination would give customers an immediate return on their investment.

The Solution

Though customers inherently know document imaging saves time and can reduce costs, PairSoft’s ROI tool lets them actually see how much they recovered. When Integrated Business Group compared other document management systems, they found PairSoft offered a lower cost compared to others, had more features and was easy for customers to use.

PairSoft works with just about every module GP has, especially with regards to purchasing and payables, while built-in work queues for processing make the process even easier. And PairSoft allows SharePoint customers to attach documents to records created. Users have commented that they are no longer losing documents and they are processing payables at a substantially higher speed.

Ullyot recalls one customer saw the seminar and commented that the software was too expensive. He discovered her company had 20 sites, and every week the payables person in each site was overnighting invoices. He asked how much she was paying in postage costs, and she told him about $10 per shipment. “Once she did the math: 20 times $10, which is $200, times 52 weeks—that’s about what it’s going to cost her,” he recalled. “She ended up buying it. Those are the easy ones to sell. When you find out somebody is spending money on UPS, FedEx to ship from some remote site… at any kind of volume… it’s an easy thing to show them the returns in a year, a year and a half.”

The Results

Working with the Pairsoft team is easy according to Sales and Marketing Director, Ron Ullyot.

“They do everything—install, setup and training—for us. They have a really good group of people there. If they are working on a project, they keep you updated. This gives us a high level of confidence,” he says.

He says working with the PairSoft team has been easy, too. “They do everything—install, setup and training—for us. They have a really good group of people there. If they are working on a project, they keep you updated. This gives us a high level of confidence.”

PairSoft offers webinar tutorials regularly so potential customers can return to their offices and show co-workers the software’s many benefits. Their channel account managers first evaluate how the customer would use the software, then they suggest additional features to employ, and possibly add-ons, and provide a professional services estimate.

He says he is pleased to provide customers with an easy, reliable product. “We’ve never had anybody call and say they’ve had a problem,” he attests. “That solution has so many features. They’re not going to be calling us saying, hey, why can’t it do this or that?”

Ullyot believes anyone in need of GP or any business management software will seek out document imaging solutions, so it behooves VARs to offer PairSoft. “If a company doesn’t have DIS (document imaging solutions) now, they’re looking for it. Clients are going to go elsewhere.”

Integrated Business Group’s Top Reasons to Include PairSoft with their Dynamics GP / SharePoint Purchase

  • Reliable, affordable product
  • Offers immediate return on investment
  • Seamlessly integrates with Dynamics and SharePoint
  • No more lost documents
  • Processes payables quickly
  • Webinar tutorials are available


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