Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County Case Study

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The Project


Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County has a great deal of paperwork to handle. Not only does the organization host multiple annual fundraisers, but it is also responsible for maintaining donations for over 12,000 constituents throughout South Florida.


To handle tasks efficiently, 40 of the 110 employees in the office use The Financial Edge™ for accounting, The Raiser’s Edge™ for pledges, and Pairsoft for scanning, storage and archiving.

Just over two years ago, Pairsoft was introduced to Diane Neumann, the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County’s supervisor of accounting. She quickly saw the merits of having a paperless office. “It’s a time-saver,” she explained, “because anybody can pull off information.” “In the past, we had all these drawers, especially for The Raiser’s Edge. Things would be misfiled. With Pairsoft they can’t touch anything — all they can do is view it.”


Neumann said the software is especially helpful during audit season. “We can run a query on The Raiser’s Edge, then pull the query into this Pairsoft plug-in which pulls in all related documents together. And it gives you a whole file with all the backup.That way we don’t have to copy it ourselves. It’s so cool.”

She claimed her auditors also love Pairsoft because they can receive and store information electronically.

Neumann mentioned she was especially pleased with one particular Pairsoft feature: “You can draw, actually, on a document,” she explained. “We had an issue in the past where we were scanning in credit card numbers and we didn’t realize we weren’t crossing them out. We went back and crossed everything out, instead of re-scanning everything.” The program also helped her create a workflow that can be constantly updated.

She said, since introducing Pairsoft, employees save about 5 hours a week, as well as additional time savings during audits. And now her organization only maintains hard copies through the fiscal year before sending them to the shredder and recycling plants — thus freeing up significant office space.

She also added, “It’s not expensive – not for what the service it provides us with. There are no issues. This is a great thing. We love Pairsoft!”

Measures of Success:

  • Pairsoft has saved employees time. Now that information is easy to access, they can quickly find documents.
  • It easily, quickly and efficiently pulls together information for auditor reports.
  • Employees feel comfor table destroying paper documents after only holding on to them until the end of each fiscal year.
  • One office was reclaimed after excess paper storage was eliminated.

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