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PairSoft Helps McCue Improve Requisition Tracking and Auditing

PairSoft May 26, 2021

PairSoft Helps McCue Improve Requisition Tracking and Auditing
Case Studies

The Client

McCue is a global-industry leader in damage prevention equipment with offices in the United States, United Kingdom, and China. Founded in 1988, their product and service lines include bumpers, cart corrals in parking lots, floor mounted rails, and the design of customized damage protection plans for stores.

The Challenge

McCue was using a paper-based system to approve purchases orders. Employees called vendors to purchase items and manually entered purchase orders into Dynamics GP. This led to runaway costs and excessive spending because they could not maintain and enforce budgets. Without an automated requisition workflow, McCue had no formal tracking and audit of purchase requests and approvals. As a result, the company experienced month-end surprises and needed better visibility into the organization’s recent orders, budgets, and spending.

Requirements – Automated. Customizable. Integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP. Audit Capabilities.

The ability to directly integrate with Dynamics GP with 40 users was key. McCue needed to configure departments, users, profiles, and routing rules during the implementation to best fit their needs. It was crucial to set up routing rules that only allowed purchases within the requester’s department.

The Solution

PairSoft addressed their issues by providing an automated requisition solution with visibility to budgets and status of the requisitions in the purchasing process. The process was streamlined due to additions and improvements in the approval processes so they could approve by exception rather than having to scrutinize every requisition individually.

The ability to directly integration with Dynamics GP was a key draw for McCue to purchase PairSoft Requisition and Receiving for 40 users. McCue and Paramount consultants configured departments, users, profiles, and routing rules during the implementation. Carlos Cabrera, IT Manager recalls, “The implementation was easy, and the ability to define departments was important.” It was crucial to set up routing rules that only allowed purchases within the requester’s department without extra approvals. They trained and used webcasts to educate the employees at McCue on PairSoft, and how it would streamline requisitioning.

Training has been an important part of the adoption of PairSoft at McCue and Carlos holds frequent new user training sessions and refresher training to continually educate employees. “WorkPlace training instills the company’s purchasing policies with new employees,” Carlos says.

The Results

Clear visibility of requests. Only necessary approvals obtained. Total cost savings.

McCue is able to control budgets and foresee spending in a way that they never could before. PairSoft tracks purchases by vendor allowing McCue’s purchasing managers to obtain better terms from suppliers. “The ability to generate reports on spending against budgets has also allowed for more intelligent decisions and conversations with senior management,” Carlos noted.

Not only has the visibility over spending and the ability to control it benefitted McCue, but time has also been significantly reduced when processing requisitions. The in-line attachment of quotes gives approvers better information to verify the request. With the electronic flow of requisitions in PairSoft, approvals move much faster from employee to employee. The ability to track spending in PairSoft allows department managers to make more educated allocations of their yearly budget.

Measures of Success

  • Improved Purchase Tracking
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Streamlined Requisitions
  • Workflow Visibility
  • ERP Integration


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