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MTN Satellite Communication Services Saves Time and Postage Costs with PairSoft

PairSoft April 5, 2019

MTN Satellite Communication Services Saves Time and Postage Costs with PairSoft
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The Client

MTN Satellite Communications, the Miramar, Florida-based telecom company, provides communications and content services for remote locations around the world, serving cruise lines, yachts, ferries, oil & gas, commercial shipping and government.

The Challenge

MTN Satellite Communications had an internal communications issue with regard to accounts payables. The company was also at the point where it had to hire another individual to handle the workload, but couldn’t afford the additional expense.

The Solution

“I guess it would be fate; PairSoft came right at our 110 percent overworked level,” explained Robert Kubat, the company’s senior director of accounting. “We had Accpac before… it didn’t do the approval routing that PairSoft does. All of a sudden we’re getting a call from a vendor saying, ‘I sent you an invoice three months ago. How come you haven’t paid it?’”

To remedy the problem, Kubat started exploring options, including SAP Business One, but found the document imaging software that worked with it was five times more expensive than PairSoft.

MTN, which is a division of Seamobile in Seattle, has 240 employees, about 50 of whom use PairSoft regularly. At one point, the company had an accounting office in Washington where, at the end of the week, they would receive invoices and such from the Miramar location, then they would sign them and FedEx them back. Postage costs became insurmountable. When Kubat discovered PairSoft and realized that it could handle the approval process electronically, he said he and his co-workers got really excited. “It basically eliminated all of our FedEx activity in accounts payable,” he claimed. Annually, Kubat estimated the company would spend about $5,000 on FedEx expenses, and another $50,000 or $60,000 annually for the time that was previously wasted in the process.

The Results

As PairSoft fully integrates with Microsoft Dynamics GP, accounting folks are able to attach documents paperlessly, gather notes and compile information on the approval/denial process. This process takes place their 22-inch monitors, which simultaneously display Dynamics GP and PairSoft. They read information right away, enter it in, and flip to the next invoice.

Kubat said he had no concerns when selecting the software and his staff offered little resistance: “All our managers are using it. It’s the only way they can approve documents.” He said all MTN’s accounts payables people are also using it, as are accounts receivable folks who use it to back-up invoices.

The call volume from customers complaining about unpaid invoices went down. “That interaction was almost eliminated just by using PairSoft,” he says. “This thing is worth its weight in not even gold. It’s platinum! Titanium!”

He said he found PairSoft very easy to use and learn. “The system is very user-friendly. Very simple to use. And it’s fully customizable.” And, with regard to auditors: “They love it. They come in with their selections they want to see. They sit with accounts payable person and they just pop open invoices on the screen.”

“I’ve recommended it to everybody I’ve talked to,” he claims. When Kubat talks with VARs and mentions PairSoft: “They all know what we’re talking about. They all speak highly about it. They start thinking of the way they can use it, as well, to attach documents inside of their system.”

“This kind of software… really could be the death of the postal service,” he attests. “If you could make it so vendors send you their invoices via PDF and put it directly into your PairSoft queue and you can go through the approval processes from there, why would you send invoice via the mail? This software could just revolutionize the whole postal service division.”

Measures of Success

  • The company is entirely paperless
  • Approval processes are easier and streamlined
  • The company saves thousands of dollars in shipping costs
  • Communication within departments and between customers is quicker and without error


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