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Multi Image Group Improves Customer Service with PairSoft

PairSoft January 13, 2019

Multi Image Group Improves Customer Service with PairSoft
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The Client

Multi Image Group (MIG) is an event planning, production and staging company in Boca Raton, Florida. The company employs 90 people, including salespersons and other staffers, some of whom travel the world hosting major soirees for Fortune 500 companies.

The Challenge

Slow vendor approval processes and dusty boxes of years-old invoices and other papers signaled to MIG CFO Jonathan Reitzes that PairSoft was the way to go. Formerly a partner at a local C.P.A. firm, Reitzes said he saw the benefits of having a paperless office and decided MIG was ready to make the transition.

The Solution

With PaperSave, MIG can get immediate approvals with a trail in place to identify bottlenecks in the accounting process. Having everything accessible electronically helps take out the guesswork when filing and retrieving information.

The Results

Since PairSoft software was installed in 2007, MIG has benefited in many ways. “It’s been great,” Reitzes says. “My accounts payable person loves it because she’s not waiting around for weeks on end to get something approved and there’s a trail now.” He also said it is now easier to discover who may be creating any “bottlenecks” in the accounting process, too. And having everything accessible electronically helps take out the guesswork when filing and retrieving information.

Documents are available wherever he and his employees can access the company’s network. “And with PairSoft,” he adds, “another great thing is, once you are in the screen and viewing the actual invoice, if you need to send that to someone, you hit a button and you e-mail it. On the sales / accounts receivable side, we’re able to send our clients electronic copies of the invoices and the supporting documentation for that invoice rather than putting it in the mail.”

Reitzes isn’t sure how many trees he has rescued using PairSoft but he says, “Even if I didn’t save any paper, I’m definitely saving time.”

Measures of Success

  • Customer service and client relations have improved, since receipts and the like can be accessed immediately.
  • PairSoft has saved MIG employees time, now that information is easy to access. Vendor invoices can get approved instantly and rifling through file cabinets and storage containers is a thing of the past.
  • The reduced amount of paper and boxes has also helped provide extra office space.
  • MIG’s accounting department is much more organized after going paperless.


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