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Smarter approval routing for happier teams.

Speed up the approval process without compromising on accuracy.

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Approval delays cause time-consuming follow-ups, frustrating bottlenecks, and costly late-payment fees. This leads to exhausted teams and heightened fraud risk.

Feel confident in your data and your business processes with our approval routing solutions. Fully integrated into your existing ERP, PairSoft streamlines efficiencies across your entire approval workflow.

Make better decisions, faster.

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Automatically send approval requests, receive approval status updates, and eliminate middle management between accounting and vendors.

Automatically send reminders

PairSoft nudges approvers to prioritize upcoming invoice deadlines and outstanding purchase orders.

Add, search, and retrieve documents

Easily add information and documentation to approvals, and pull complete approval and user history for audit trails.

Approve from anywhere, even your phone

PairSoft’s cloud-based technology allows for a true mobile experience with end-user adoption. Manage approval routing, document search, and approval escalation on the go or at your desk.

What customers are saying.

“It has saved us an enormous amount of time. Data entry for 10 invoices has gone from 15 minutes to 7 minutes and approvals that normally took about one week are now completed in two days. We’ve eliminated 50 percent of our file cabinets.”

Tom Weaver
Financial Systems Manager, Excelsior

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What is approval routing software?

Approval routing software is an internal control solution that provides an automatic and reliable way to transfer documents without delay and check on the status of invoices in real time. A well-designed purchase requisition approval process can help your organization prevent overpaying, time-consuming approval processes, and This type of automated approval software offers solutions that simplify the approval process and optimize approval workflows to bring next-level control over your business processes.

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How to automate processes with approval routing software?

A well-designed and adequately-enforced requisition approval process is fundamental to successfully and effectively managing corporate expenditures. By automating the invoice approval process with approval routing software, companies can implement any corporate approval rule imaginable throughout the entire procurement process. This approval software enables sophisticated workflow engines to simplify the approval process by routing corporate approvals with ease to bring next-level control over your business processes.

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