Guided Catalog Buying

Enhance user shopping experience and control costs, using your own catalog, pictures, extended descriptions, and company selected items.

Make Financial Decisions With Confidence and Intelligence

Give yourself full visibility by implementing an automated procurement solution that will help you control costs, ensure you’re getting the best purchasing value, and help you easily implement policy, approval, and routing changes.

Watch a brief video of the WorkPlace Guided Buying Catalogs in action

Guided Buying Catalogs included your curated list of items, categorized for convenience

When you can direct the majority of routine, recurring purchases to your preferred suppliers, you maximize your buying power and negotiated pricing. Make it easy for shopper to buy from preferred suppliers by setting up guided buying catalogs. Guided Buying Catalogs can be organized by vendor, by department, by functional area, or other meaningful grouping and include predefined vendor items, pricing, and accounting information.

Guided buying catalogs empower users across the entire organization to shop for goods and create requisitions when and where it’s convenient for them, without the need to search out the best supplier and pricing for each item. The use of catalogs also helps your procurement team be more efficient with their time. Rather than entering purchase orders, they can spend time developing supplier relationships, for example, to ensure the company is always getting the best pricing. The requisitions created as part of the shopping process are automatically routed for approval, speeding the purchasing cycle and eliminating the manual touchpoints that frustrate stakeholders and compromise efficiency and accuracy. Guided buying catalogs enhance the overall user experience by speeding, simplifying, and automating routine purchase requests so buyers and procurement staff can get back to their jobs.

Paramount WorkPlace Guided Buying Catalogs provide an easy and intuitive interface option for users to select items with a few clicks and automatically submit them for approval simply by checking out of their shopping cart.

Features and Benefits:

  • Control costs by having your own catalogs that can be vendor specific, department specific, functional area, purchase types, and more.
  • Experience easy to create, maintain, and publish catalogs.  You can create catalogs quickly and easily by file import or publishing your existing inventory list
  • Reduce data entry with predefined vendor items, pricing and accounting information
  • Organize your catalog items with unlimited categories that provide users a navigation tree specific to your organization
  • Publish catalogs across the entire organization or selectively by company or department
  • Search by keyword within each catalog or across all of them with options to sort by price, brand, vendor and more
  • Provide a simple and intuitive interface option for users to select items with a few clicks and automatically submit them for approval simply by checking out of their shopping cart
  • The WorkPlace catalog shopping experience is also available on the WorkPlace Mobile Application

Terms & Definitions

What is a Guided Buying Catalog:

A Guided Buying Catalog is an internal catalog of products and/or services containing items of your choosing organized by vendor, department, type of item, etc.

What is a Purchase Order:

A purchase order is a commercial document issued by a buyer to a seller, indicating types, quantities, terms, and agreed prices for products or services.

What is Requisition:

A requisition is a documented way to request an action or item for delivery by a certain date, department or individual.

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