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CEO Spotlight: Mid-Year Report

Matt Cotter June 9, 2022

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It’s been an eventful Q1 and Q2 for the world, and the same goes for PairSoft. As we’ve continued to execute our strategic plan, there have been exciting developments in data, staff-building, and product — more on those later.  

The overall goal remains integrating three brands (PaperSave, WorkPlace, and DocuPeak) under the PairSoft umbrella, though we’re running this like three parallel marathons, not one long sprint. By the end, we’ll have the most robust procure-to-pay platform in the industry, and I couldn’t be prouder of our team after this first half. 

Product Development 

There were several significant releases, but the highlight was our infrastructure enhancements, which will feed into our long-term strategy. Our outstanding uptime performance in Q1 and Q2 was a direct result of the work we’ve been doing to improve our foundational software for years to come. 

We launched the WorkPlace-to-PaperSave integration. These developments unify both our product offering and the way everyone thinks about PairSoft at large: The more internal connectivity we create, the more cognizance people will have for this software. 

And, if you haven’t heard after a few news releases and some of our deep-dive research, PairSoft Analytics is live. The feature set that excites me most is the peer benchmarking, which is necessary to maintain high performance in this industry. Everyone on our team is used to hearing me spout “Know, Act, Predict,” and Analytics aligns with that process. 

Customer Success 

PairSoft is nothing without its people: Viorel Curic is our new Head of Customer Support, and Kim Friedrich is our new Head of Professional Services. I’m excited to see them staff up their areas, implement new processes, and continue to refine the customer experience.  

Part of that refinement has been the implementation of our “health checks,” where we anticipate the needs of clients by identifying goals they have for their next renewal and how we can support them. We’ve completed 83 health checks since March, and based on the feedback as well as how they’ve positively affected other arms of the business, we’re really going to lean into the proactive outreach. 

Other data we’ve gathered over the last six months has included a 55% decrease in customer first-response times and a 26% increase in reviewed Knowledge Base articles. This stems from an overhaul of our customer support portal that Viorel implemented. This testing — based on our team’s experience in their respective spaces — is constant and proves out every time.  

Business Expansion 

Again, people are important here, and we hired 41 new team members in Q1 and Q2. We’ll keep recruiting throughout the second half, though H2 will have more focus on growing our team in India. 

April 2022 marked my first trip to Ahmedabad, and you can expect another dispatch from me about how PairSoft’s growth coincides with the India unit.  


An eventful first half, indeed. My priorities for the next one? A couple more product releases and increasing the volume on everyone’s whispers about mitigation. After all: Know, Act, Predict. 

PairSoft CEO Matt Cotter

Matt Cotter

Matt Cotter is the Chief Executive Officer at PairSoft. He’s held numerous executive leadership roles at companies like Altus Group, ExactBid, D+H, and SAP. Matt lives in the greater Chicago area with his wife and three children.

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