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Introducing: PairSoft Analytics

PairSoft May 17, 2022

New screenshot of analytics dashboard
Analytics & Reporting
PairSoft is excited to announce the launch of Analytics, our new KPI-driven dashboard exclusively available in the Enterprise Package.  

Our highly visual data aggregator features real-time performance tools designed to keep you at the top of your industry, with standard KPIs and metrics from the forefront of AP automation. 

Metrics, Metrics, and More Metrics 

Track KPIs such as invoice approval times, cycle times, invoices processed per FTE, plus metrics like invoices per year, all with a view of improving process efficiency. 

Role-Based Dashboards 

PairSoft Analytics is built to support different team members, so you can change your dashboard view based on performance data needs. 

Peer Benchmarking 

Ever wondered how industry peers are handling the same business periods throughout the year? You’ll now have those comparative insights at your fingertips. 

Get in touch today to discuss how PairSoft Analytics can keep driving your business forward.


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