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Invoice Automation for Hotel Guests

Wadih Pazos December 1, 2014

Invoice Automation for Hotel Guests
AP Automation
Electronic workflow has been having a noticeable impact on businesses. Starwood Hotels & Resorts has taken advantage of its popularity to become nearly paperless and utilize electronic document software for their customers and staff, which has created a brand new hotel experience for guests. Starwood has shown amazing ingenuity in the paperless office world and is just one example of how many advantages come with electronic workflow software.

The mobile CEO

CEO Frits van Passchen of Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide wanted to go paperless, and the first step for him was getting rid of his desktop computer. Van Passchen utilized mobile technology to take his office wherever he went. He told The Wall Street Journal that he primarily relies on Apple technology like his iPhone and iPad for his portable work.

“I do all of my work via mobile, so essentially, my office is wherever I go, and I can be much more productive,” van Passchen told the source. “You can work and dress and use technology in the way that most suits you, and I think that ultimately the result of that is that we’re all more productive.”

“He has abandoned the traditional physical office for document management workflow alone, as his office now only has a couch and conference table with power outlets – there are no wires, printers, papers, or clunky computers that he has to depend on, ” the source stated.

The paperless office expands

Going paperless by using workforce development software has become a method that is more convenient for users and other people working with them. According to the source, since van Passchen went paperless, his company soon followed by adopting the same technology its CEO used.

Starwood Hotels developed mobile applications specialized for remote use by hotel guests. Gizmodo reported they also have a reservation system that helps Starwood employees fit guests to the right room for them, considering the amenities guests desire. Van Passchen praised the system for its agility and the productivity boost the electronic workflow has given to Starwood.

“The system also gives time back to the associates to spend more time actually responding to guests’ needs, ” he told The Wall Street Journal.

Electronic billing for guests

Not only has this mobile technology movement affected the employees of Starwood, but other hotels have moved to using invoice automation for guests elsewhere. Hospitality Net discussed citizenM, a hotel chain that has utilized an efficient meeting space booking system that allows guests to use invoice automation.

A cloud-based hotel document management software was implemented for citizenM’s hotels. The company wanted to move guests away from long phone calls or email conversations typically required to book hotel rooms and moved toward document management software and invoice automation for their guests to use. Guests can also put all their purchases from the hotel – such as drinks or food at the hotel restaurant – into their electronic invoices, which are delivered to them at the end of their stays.

The source said that citizenM’s system is different from common hotel applications because it allows the guest to book and pay for a room through the system. Their invoice is sent by email, making for a perfect paperless document management system.

CitizenM is advancing in the paperless world with its push toward paperless document management for its employees and guests. The boost in productivity and creativity is apparent from its reports.

Wadih Pazos

Wadih founded both PairSoft and PaperSave. He is an avid technologist who specializes in streamlining operations and maximizing productivity.

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