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PairSoft Named a Leader in AP Automation by G2

Holly Condon October 1, 2021

PairSoft named a Leader in AP Automation by G2
AP Automation
G2 — one of the world’s leading peer-to-peer review sites — aggregates feedback from its community and other online sources, to determine the top business solutions in the market. PairSoft has consistently placed highly in G2’s rankings. Over the years, we have received multiple accolades that recognized not only our solutions’ extensive capabilities, but also their ability to address our customers’ needs.

Most notably, G2 awarded PairSoft the recognition of Leader in Accounts Payable (AP) Automation and Invoice Management for spring, summer, and winter of 2020. We also received the Best Meets Requirements title for all aforementioned seasons this year, as well as High Performer for summer and winter, and Easiest Admin for spring.

In 2019, G2 also recognized PairSoft as a Leader for spring, summer, and fall.

And our customers agree. “PairSoft is a great way to manage our accounts payable process,” said one of our clients, citing the way documents are organized cleanly, making it easy to find the invoices they need.

As another client put it, PairSoft helps “eliminate unnecessary time searching for documents.” The same client noted PairSoft’s ease of use and its ability to smoothly integrate with their existing enterprise resource planning software without requiring additional support.

What can PairSoft do for your business?

PairSoft is an AP automation and invoice management solution that simplifies and streamlines your business’s accounting process. It reduces the need for manual data entry and paper documents in your AP process. PairSoft lets you:

1. Automate data capture

PairSoft lets you capture and record data straight from both electronic and paper invoices. If you have the PairSoft mobile app, you can even take a photo of an invoice using the camera on your smartphone or tablet. Our Electronic Document Imaging technology captures the data on the document and converts it into an electronic file that is automatically organized and stored in cloud servers.

Traditionally, invoice data had to be encoded by hand, a process that could take anywhere from a few minutes to several hours to complete. PairSoft makes it possible to finish processing invoices within seconds.

2. Approve invoices on the go

The PairSoft mobile app allows approvers to approve invoices using their mobile device. This ensures that payment processing can be completed even when the approver is out of the office.

3. Avoid fraud and errors

PairSoft automates three-way matching, a process that compares the information on your company’s purchase order, the vendor’s invoice, and the shipping details that arrived with your order. Besides confirming the accuracy of your figures, this process also helps you avoid invoice scams that trick you into paying the wrong parties.

Furthermore, by automating data capture, PairSoft minimizes the risk of errors during the data entry step. Some of these mistakes appear negligible — a misplaced decimal point or a missing zero, for instance — but they can lead to erroneous payments and skew your perception of your cash flow. AP automation prevents these issues from taking place.

4. Improve your staff’s productivity

Some steps in the traditional paper-centric AP process can be very slow. Besides manual data entry, document retrieval can also take too much of your employees’ time.

In fact, did you know that the average employee spends a total of six days in a year searching for the documents they need? PairSoft addresses this problem by storing your data in an organized database and giving you access to a user-friendly document search function. Just use relevant search terms, such as document metadata, and PairSoft will show you all the files related to your query.

In doing this, PairSoft gives your staff more time to focus on valuable tasks, such as caring for your customers or improving their skill set. This also helps improve your staff’s work-life balance by leaving them less tired and stressed, and with more time to improve their well-being.

5. Save money

These are several ways PairSoft helps you save money. Because it’s a paperless solution, it lets you use far less paper in your workplace. Any money you could have used for paper and related products, you can now use for other crucial undertakings.

You can also save money by paying your vendors early. Suppliers usually give out discounts to businesses that settle their payments early. By enabling you to complete the invoice processes and approval steps quickly, PairSoft ensures you can pay your dues early.

PairSoft is a well-recognized leader in AP automation and invoice management. Discover how we can empower your business by scheduling a free personalized demo today.

Holly Condon

With over 25 years' experience in the SaaS space, Holly brings a wealth of industry knowledge to the table. She previously held leadership roles at PairSoft's subsidiary PaperSave and resides in South Carolina with her family.

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