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People of PairSoft: Keyahna White

Farah Harajli August 31, 2022

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People of PairSoft
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The main part of PairSoft’s welcoming, collaborative environment is its people. This month, we sat down with Keyahna, one of our Sales Development Representatives, to learn more about how she moved from counseling to sales and where she’d spend a whole summer.

What’s your role at PairSoft, and what does it entail? 

I’m a Sales Development Representative at PairSoft. I handle all inbound leads, PairSoft’s live chat on our website, and our sales line phone number (both channels involve current customers/support, as well). Other responsibilities include running the live chat for partner webinars and providing follow-ups to webinar attendees.

Which city are you based out of, and what’s your favorite thing to do during weekends there? 

I’m based in Denver, Colorado, and I love exploring different mountains and mountain towns on the weekends! Some other things I love doing are hiking, camping, exploring with my puppy Domino, yoga, spending time outdoors and with family.   

How did you first get into sales development? 

I’ve worked a little in sales and I’ve always viewed myself as a people person. I wanted to try something new outside of the industry I’d already known, and I thought sales was perfect! I’d originally gotten my master’s degree in counseling, so I enjoy working with people and helping others achieve challenges that they may be facing — I believe it’s a great aspect to have in sales, as well! Also, I love the drive and growth that come with the sales industry! 

What do you think is the number-one thing people should know about the SaaS industry? 

I believe the SaaS industry can be a huge benefit and add great value to companies of all sizes. Overall, it can provide lower costs due to it’s subscription-based atmosphere, it’s great with flexibility, and it can help accomplish your company’s aspirations. 

What do you find to be one of the most innovative aspects of PairSoft as an organization? 

PairSoft is a very collaborative, driven, and dedicated environment that’s always improving services for our customers. I appreciate how much team-building there is within our company and the amount of value and growth that go behind everything PairSoft strives for.  

Someone has hit the Reset button on your life and allowed you to choose any career possible. What do you choose? 

If I got the chance to hit the Reset button, I think I’d choose to travel the world and blog! I admire traveling and experiencing new places, cultures, and environments. Also, I think it would be neat to blog about those experiences.  

And, finally: You’re given an unlimited budget for a vacation this summer. Where are you going and why? 

Easy answer, I would definitely love to experience Greece for a whole summer! It’s always been my dream to go there and everything is extremely beautiful, especially the clear beaches and sand. I enjoy the history of Greece as well and admire the history that they’ve kept within their communities.  

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Farah Harajli

Farah joined the SaaS space with PairSoft to continue her digital-content-focused career that's included roles at Johns Hopkins University, the Hearst Corporation, and the University of Michigan. She is based in Michigan.

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