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Reasons Why the Hospitality Industry Needs DMS

Jemina Boyd October 1, 2021

Document Management
The hospitality sector is an extremely competitive market where the most efficient companies succeed. If your hotel or restaurant is constantly bogged down by paper documents or has poorly managed filing systems, how can you expect to provide high-quality customer service and keep costs under control?

Document management systems (DMS) get rid of your paper problems and offer a wide array of tools that gives your business a competitive edge.

Fast storage and retrieval

If you’ve ever used a traditional filing system, you’ll know just how much time is wasted filing and retrieving documents. DMS software centralizes files in a single repository so you don’t have to sift through stacks of folders and rows of filing cabinets.

It automatically processes scanned documents using advanced capture features and indexes them for fast document retrieval. To find a specific document, all you have to do is enter specific keywords. For example, if you’re looking for a hotel guest’s records, you can find it by typing their name and/or their booking number in the DMS system.

Real-time updates

Another benefit of centralizing your data is the ease of having the most up-to-date version of a document. Edits are automatically reflected on everyone’s screen, and they can even track what changes were made on a document.

This cuts down the amount of emails and printed copies your employees send and receive.

Flexible access

Migrating your files to a DMS also means you’ll have access to your files no matter where you are. Unlike traditional software, which must be installed on a local device, DMS software can be accessed as long as you have a stable internet connection.

So if your employees work remotely or are in a different branch, they’ll be able to add, view, and edit documents with any smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

Built-in security

Hotels, restaurants, and even luxury spas manage massive quantities of private information like customer records and credit card details, making them attractive targets for cybercriminals.

If your establishment doesn’t have an in-house IT department to secure your data, DMS like PairSoft is your best option, which stores your data in offsite servers that are protected by world-class threat prevention tools, encryption software, and a team of security specialists.

What’s more, DMS software allows you to assign varying levels of access restrictions to employees. This way, you can prevent unauthorized users from viewing sensitive files reserved for the concierge and top-level executives.

Disaster recovery

DMS digitizes your data and stores them in another location, which is great for protecting your files from fires, floods, and other disasters. It allows you to schedule backups as frequently as every 15 minutes.

Recovering files is also easy since you only need an internet connection.

Automated workflows

DMS software comes with automated workflow features that allow you to route documents to specific employees. For instance, you can set a workflow that automatically redirects incoming invoices to an AP manager so they can be verified and approved.

You can even create workflows that remind employees to manage customer inquiries, room service, and housekeeping requests.

Reduced costs

Traditional filing systems put a serious dent in your savings not just because you have to invest in printers, filing cabinets, and reams of paper, but also because of the time and effort required to manage and maintain them.

By comparison, DMS software doesn’t require such a large investment; you only have to pay for a small monthly subscription fee to get all the features you want plus all the support you need from a document management specialist.

PairSoft is a high-quality DMS designed to address the unique needs of your establishment. Aside from all the features listed above, we also have experts on staff to help you implement and optimize your document management so you can focus on serving your customers. Call us today for a free personalized demonstration of our software.

Jemina Boyd

Jem Boyd has 10+ years of ERP strategic marketing and implementation experience across a variety of platforms. She specializes in developing PairSoft's platform relationships as well as campaigns with Microsoft, NetSuite, Sage, and Blackbaud. She is based in Nashville.

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