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The Battle Between Migration and Integration

PairSoft December 12, 2019

The Battle Between Migration and Integration
ERP Integration
Just about every company deals with multiple sources of data. From managing vendors to paying invoices – there’s just no way around it.

What that means from department to department can vary depending on how they process their records. Some might struggle with mountains of manual data entry. This leads to a search for automation help on the processing side.

In its most basic form, organizations want to automate this data entry to take the stress off of departments spending time hand entering documents. Documents like invoices, purchase orders, and contracts.

This starts them down a path to find the right solution for their processing needs. Typically these solutions fall into two categories – solutions that work outside their core ERP, or solutions that integrate directly into their line of business application.

The difference is in the details

On the surface, either of these solutions may seem like a good fit. After all, your organization needs automation help, how much of a difference can it make.

With so many solutions on the market throwing the term “OCR” and “advanced capture,” the field can start to get cloudy.

For one, processing data in a third-party application outside your ERP can add several complexities. These come from migrations processes that use release scripts and even text files as the import process.

If your ERP is upgraded and these third-party scripts have not been tested, it could lead to long delays in getting the information you need to keep departments processing at speed.

The end-user experience

Another challenge when storing and automating information outside your core ERP solution is end-user adoption and training.

When users need to be trained on yet another software application that takes time and resources away from their department. Anything from the user interface to forgetting logins can waste time.

Also, it becomes exhausting when users realize they have to login into yet another completely different software application to complete their process day in and day out.

How true integration is different

What users really want is for the software to do all the heavy lifting. And, they want to have a streamlined experience with as few distractions as possible.

With a truly integrated product, like PairSoft, this happens from the very first step.

When documents arrive, there are no scanning templates that need to be set up for new or existing vendors. Since PairSoft uses Smart Document Recognition (SDR) – the days of creating, testing, and changing templates are a thing of the past.

And when it comes time to process these transactions, users work within their existing ERP. The same system they’ve been trained and using for years. This drastically cuts down on training issues – they’re already familiar with the interface.

From review, approval, and other processing automation steps – nothing works better than having employees stay within their existing application. That means you can say “goodbye” to multiple logins and calls to tech support because they forgot their password again.

How true integration helps performance

To reach peak performance, your departments need to work as efficiently as possible. Nobody argues with that.

But, another consideration is how many distractions they have thrown at them when their process involves working in multiple software programs. Each with its own interface, logins, and complexities.

By eliminating distractions and delivering a more user-friendly experience, PairSoft users help to drive peak performance within a wide range of industries around the world.


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