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Three Business Boosting Benefits of Integrating PairSoft with NetSuite

PairSoft March 26, 2021

Three Business Boosting Benefits Of Integrating PairSoft With NetSuite
Document Management
The year 2021 called. It says it wants the best for your business. And your ERP.

Okay, maybe the year didn’t actually call, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a single high-performing system and maximize all of your team’s valuable tasks without inane to-dos like using an enterprise content management (ECM) or data management application that doesn’t integrate with NetSuite.

Rapidly scaling businesses are still buying various applications to complete their ECM/document management vision: cherry-picking a digitized document storage space here, a forms package to create electronic PDFs from there, and then throwing in a workflow system to integrate the two.

Sounds like a headache, right?

The result? Hours of training for new and existing staff, teams and departments out of sync, plus, a lack of complete access when you need it the most.

When you and everyone else in your company have to toggle back and forth, in and out of NetSuite, you just end up losing time to get the information you need. In short, efficiency in your company takes a HUGE hit.

Wouldn’t it be better to have a solution that integrates seamlessly with NetSuite?

PairSoft combines everything you look for in an ECM, with the added benefit of its comprehensive user experience.

If you’re investing the time and money into making your business more efficient, why not streamline it with technology that knows how to do it?

Why is seamless integration with NetSuite so important?

We could go on and on about how important it is. But don’t take it from us. Take it from the best source: our clients.

Clients often come up to our booth during events and conventions to tell us how blown away they are because of PairSoft’s ability to integrate with NetSuite so seamlessly.

Seriously, with all of the things our clients love about PairSoft, we were surprised to hear this repeatedly. Most remark on PairSoft’s “look” and “feel.” Saying they don’t even realize they’re working within another application.

That’s a great compliment to our software engineers, but it’s all part of our mission to increase work efficiency on a single unified platform.

You shouldn’t have to settle or pay more for applications that create more work for you. That’s why PairSoft’s chief goal is to make your life easier through a centralized approach—one that benefits your company in various ways.

Here are three positive effects of using an ECM solution that works within NetSuite.

1. Expedites onboarding and training

Consider how long it takes to onboard and train new employees to use your ERP. Now imagine the time added to train them—once again—to use different applications outside of your ERP.

Then consider the time required to train existing employees on new software.

Regardless of who you’re training, it’s going to take a significant amount of time to get everyone up to speed. Not to mention re-train them when new updates come out.

On the other hand, if your ECM/document management add-on is an integrated solution, like PairSoft, all employees will have access to the same unified user experience and interface.

A system like this does two things:

Gets new employees up to speed faster.

Isn’t it great when you can save both time and attention of new employees by consolidating their ERP training?

An ECM/document management system does just that since it’s already in the system. No need to take them through another long, laborious learning session.

Keeps your current employees sane and on-task.

Forget about scheduling those extra meetings or training sessions with your existing employees. If they’re already accustomed to using NetSuite, then they’ll know how to use PairSoft.

It’s that easy.

2. Departments and teams work in sync

The point of an ERP is to streamline processing efficiency. That includes communication and work throughout all departments: finance, operations, HR, and customer relations, among others. All of these teams work in harmony to move a company forward.

But using applications that are disjointed from NetSuite creates a big kink in an operational workflow.

That’s why an ECM/document management solution with an effortless unified approach can get everyone on the same page. It allows for easier collaboration between departments, teams, and employees. Plus, it’ll boost transparency and cooperation.

How? Two words: instant access.

With all-inclusive search functionality, instant access allows teams to easily find and obtain records and digitized file cabinet documents. No more chasing down other teams and departments for information.

This straightforward approach also creates an audit trail for all of your company’s document-based activity.

3. Easily accessible

Having everything in one place is great, right? It cuts down on time spent looking for what you need. And when you need a quick look at the big picture, you don’t want to go scrambling for it.

Overlapping databases can’t give you a comprehensive look at business performance in a time-effective way. Without an integrated ECM/document management system, you’re left to toggle back and forth between applications and do the work yourself.

Lack of time or patience to dig through external applications leads to gut-based decisions or, worse, hasty decisions without accurate information.

That’s why a single consolidated user platform provides access to all data and tasks, anywhere and on any device.

No more jumping off and on or logging in and out of NetSuite to collect bits of information or access digitized records.

An ECM, like PairSoft, creates a seamless process to help you understand performance, look at the big picture, and make informed decisions.

Business is easier when it’s straightforward

Growing pains are bittersweet. Sure, it means progress and confirmation that you’re doing something right. But scrambling to acquire applications that meet the needs of the moment doesn’t create efficiency overall, especially when managing all of your company’s internal documents.

A growing company benefits from a single ECM/document management solution, like PairSoft, that doesn’t require your teams to jump around all day. Plus, it keeps everyone across the company focused and on track.

Instead of playing the adjustment-game, get an application that not only makes business operations more effortless but grows with you.

Find out why more and more businesses love PairSoft’s harmonious integration with NetSuite. PairSoft also makes it easy with quick setup. We think you’ll love that too. Optimize the way your business works by connecting with us today.


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