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How to Finally Break Free from Manual Gift Processing in Blackbaud RE NXT

Jemina Boyd October 1, 2021

How to FINALLY Break Free from Manual Gift Processing in Blackbaud RE NXT
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Efficiency and security are key to document processing. Not only do they help you accomplish the task at hand, but they also free up time that can be used for more valuable activities. 

Unfortunately, the traditional manner of processing gifts is cumbersome, slow, and laden with obstacles that all too often derail progress.  

With new technologies available that can modernize how you process gifts, there’s no reason to grapple with the challenges of physical documentation or manual data entry any longer. In fact, PairSoft is currently making gift processing automation a mainstream option for non-profits by offering a practical, easy-to-use, and intuitive solution.  

In order to truly understand how advantageous and beneficial this technology adoption can be—and to see how PairSoft can assist you in taking your gift processing to the next level—keep reading.

In this article, we’ll outline everything you should know about the elevation of gift processing automation and how PairSoft can make it more streamlined than ever.  

The downfall of physical documents

Aside from the massive storage requirements and waste associated with paper, there are dozens of compelling reasons to bid adieu to physical documents.  

On the one hand, the process of sending documents between locations (including home offices) is time-consuming, expensive, and risky. And there is always the possibility of lost paperwork or compromised sensitive information, which can be devastating to both you and the donor.  

In addition, there is also an increased risk of data entry errors, as manually entering data is prone to mistakes. And while a human touch is integral to gift processing, keying data by hand is painstaking work for the employees responsible for it.  

Why not attachments?

For some, the leap from email and document attachments to gift processing automation may seem unnecessary. After all, how different could it really be?  

In reality, attachments fall short of gift process automation in most ways. The most obvious is in the name—attachments don’t offer automation for transactions or filing. They require you to download, upload, and move data around by hand. 

But the differences don’t end there.  

Attachments are also more time-consuming, especially when they originate from paper documents. They also don’t offer the same level of security as automation either, as attached documents can’t be annotated or redacted unless a full Adobe subscription is worked into the budget.  

The convenience and efficiency of automation are also lacking when attachments are used. Groups of documents can’t be found and sorted via search, nor can they be exported. As a result, the level of redundant work is much greater when you use attachments.  

Finally, attachments don’t allow documents to be conveniently linked to Dashboards, making access to and viewership of information more limited.  

How gift processing automation brings your documents to life

The shortcomings of traditional gift processing methods—even those that use modern technology—are obvious. The question, then, is how can automation address and overcome those shortcomings?  

The short answer is document management solutions like PairSoft, which “brings your documents to life.” It rolls a plethora of valuable features into an all-in-one package that automates gift processing in Blackbaud Raiser’s Edge, thus allowing you to take control of your workflow in a single do-it-all location.  

By doing the heavy lifting for you, PairSoft saves money and accelerates processing time, opening the door for you to allocate your valuable time to more important work. The platform facilitates this by automating the creation and filing of documents and giving you tools to identify, sort, and batch edit documents.  

It also adds vital levels of security by implementing encryption at the database level and during transit, allowing you to annotate and redact documents in the cloud, and keeping a log of who handled the document. Through these security measures, all sensitive data—from banking to credit card numbers and beyond—is kept private and safe.  

Instead of using physical mail or email attachments to share documents, PairSoft facilitates secure, convenient access to documents for all team members. While the convenience of this sharing method is undeniable, the benefits aren’t limited to safety. Handling documents this way also expedites processing time.  

Why? Because this hands-off approach to gift processing automates everything from document capture (which can be done in 10 unique ways depending on context) to data extraction, validation, and gift record creation in Blackbaud following document approval.  

Automation: The present and future of gift processing

The more accurate, secure, and streamlined you can make your gift processing, the better. While gift processing automation software may seem like futuristic technology, it’s not only available now but highly reliable.

Given that the benefits of automation span every aspect of gift processing, from data capture to security, there’s no question that options like PairSoft are the present and future of the industry. 

Jemina Boyd

Jem Boyd has 10+ years of ERP strategic marketing and implementation experience across a variety of platforms. She specializes in developing PairSoft's platform relationships as well as campaigns with Microsoft, NetSuite, Sage, and Blackbaud. She is based in Nashville.

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