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What Integrating PairSoft With NetSuite Means For Your Team

PairSoft October 13, 2020

What Integrating PairSoft With NetSuite Means For Your Team
ERP Integration
No matter if your organization implemented NetSuite recently or years ago, it’s fair to say one of the main reasons was a focus on improving efficiency.

This has a domino effect on your entire company. Especially in the accounts payable department where it’s typically filled with very paper-intensive process.

When looking to improve your processes, it also needs to be balanced. You didn’t install coffee machines on everyone’s desk just to save a few minutes each day. That certainly doesn’t sound balanced.

Plus, the concept of efficiency has changed over time. What was once acceptable and even considered efficient, is no longer the best choice.

At one point in time, rows and rows of cabinets filled with paper in alphabetical order what the most logical and state of the art option

As you looked to improve your AP flow even more, did paper document processing seem like a roadblock to the next level of efficiency?

While invoices piled into your mailroom, someone had the idea that it was time to start automating as early in the process as possible. Then your journey began.

The Great Document Management Hunt

If you’re like most, you wanted a solution that has awesome performance. And, there’s a lot of document management solutions out there to comb through.

When you think of your accounts payable process, capturing the right data to make your job easier would mean that the solutions needs to integrate closely with NetSuite.

After all, you’re not looking at solutions that add to your workload.

Here are some facts that you may have already discovered about third-party OCR and document management system:

  • The software is complicated and needs a large project scope to implement it
  • Building scanning templates takes time in order to capture the data you need
  • Training your team on yet another new solution is a scheduling nightmare

If these sound familiar there’s a reason for it. This is because most document management solutions are not designed with integration in mind.

Rather, they live in their own bubble but can export data as a final step within their own process. PairSoft has turned this model on its head by putting the NetSuite integration strategy first.

How PairSoft Solves These Challenges

By putting the integration with NetSuite first, it solves several challenges at the same time. First, integrating directly into NetSuite means that you users don’t even need to leave the ERP solution they use day in and day out.

This gives them a comfort level and efficiency bump simply because they stick to the software they’ve already been trained on for years.

In fact, some users aren’t even aware that the document management component from PairSoft is an integration. They assume it’s just a new feature of NetSuite.

When it comes to capturing the right date from invoices, PairSoft leads the pack. With no templates to build, it means that your team can focus on operations and not building countless templates to handle the various layouts from vendor invoices.

It also means that if a vendor changes or updates their invoice layout, the system keeps moving along. You would be shocked at how many imaging solutions come to a screeching halt simply because a layout changed.

These are the type of streamline integration features that really improve your performance without getting in the way. The NetSuite OCR integration is just the start of improving your accounts payables process.

If you’re looking for NetSuite document management integration, it makes sense to look for a proven solution that makes your job easier, not harder.


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