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How Workflow Automation Benefits Your Organization

Holly Condon March 27, 2018

How Workflow Automation Benefits Your Organization
Document Workflow
Documents are the lifeblood of any organization. But as they manually flow between different branches and departments, effectively tracking and managing them quickly becomes costly and complicated.

There’s also an additional risk of important information getting lost in transit or, even worse, ending up in the wrong hands. This all results in downtime, less productive staff, and increased security risks.

Workflow automation presents a new way to manage many of the tasks that modern businesses perform every day. With the help of technology, it’s now easy to define and prioritize tasks and clarify the responsibilities of every member of your team.

Specifically, document management systems (DMS) help businesses improve their operational efficiencies by providing a centralized approach to managing documents and data in a consistent way that reduces the chances and impact of human error.

Let’s look at how this compares with the old-fashioned manual approach.

Centralized control

Manual workflows typically end up taking a fragmented approach to managing your documents. For example, printed documents might need to be manually exchanged between employees and faxed or mailed to other branches and departments.

At the same time, digital data might be stored in a multitude of physical locations, including local hard drives, storage networks, and cloud-hosted storage systems. With such a fragmented system, it’s much harder, if not impossible, to keep track of everything.

Workflow automation consolidates everything under a single platform, simplifying management processes. With a cloud-enabled system, you can take workflow automation even further with easier accessibility that ensures everyone has access to the same information.

Instead of having important data, such as customer contact details, stored in different systems and locations, you can eliminate problems caused by duplicate entries and outdated or incorrect details. Furthermore, staff will need to enter information into the system only once, and it will be immediately available to all relevant parties within your organization.

Stronger security

Centralized control over your company’s documents isn’t just about enhancing your team’s productivity, it’s also about boosting security and helping ensure compliance standards are met.

After all, it’s much easier to keep your documents and data under lock and key if everything is consolidated under a single platform. By providing complete visibility into data storage and the security measures in place to protect it, administrators will have greater control over access rights and data retention.

Modern document management systems don’t automate just workflows; they help automate security routines as well. This makes them adept at handling sensitive data that might be subject to rigorous security needs and compliance regulations, such as patient health information (PHI) and payment details.

Storing your documents under a single platform also makes it easier to encrypt everything. And instead of needing to secure multiple systems, you’ll need to think about securing only one.

What’s more, most modern cloud-enabled DMS are already compliant with the latest industry-specific security and compliance standards.

Complete visibility into mission-critical workflows

Ultimately, workflow automation and effective document management are all about running a more efficient and productive office. Instead of spending their time entering data into multiple systems or trying to work around otherwise trivial IT problems, staff will be able to focus on mission-critical tasks.

That translates into a higher quality of service, a more motivated and productive team, less administrative burden, better security and workforce mobility. Add everything together, and you’ll have everything you need to run a successful business that doesn’t just maintain its competitive edge, but thrives as a leader in its industry.

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Holly Condon

With over 25 years' experience in the SaaS space, Holly brings a wealth of industry knowledge to the table. She previously held leadership roles at PairSoft's subsidiary PaperSave and resides in South Carolina with her family.

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