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AP Automation for Microsoft Dynamics

Streamline your workflows in one place with our market-leading accounts payable automation solution for Microsoft Dynamics GP and Business Central.

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Make your payables process paperless.

Instant invoice capture

Upload invoice data with your mobile device, and our OCR technology will automatically capture it to leave manual data entry behind.

Touchless routing

Paper invoices don’t have to change hands when you set the business process electronically, allowing workflows to trigger stakeholder requests.

Control the approval lifecycle

Schedule your invoice management so that vendors and team members can receive notifications in real-time, allowing quicker collaboration from anywhere.

Take your team higher with invoice automation.

Detailed audit trails

Take the intimidation away from auditing with downloadable reports that will never leave you chasing down hardcopies in filing cabinets.

Pulverize Processing Times

The typical invoice processing time is reduced by 70% with PairSoft’s automated workflows, saving around $62,000 a year in employee time.

Clarify Your Collaboration

Digitally combine record types with invoices, receipts, purchase orders, and other assets to give multiple stakeholders a full view of what’s happening.

Payment Process Options

PairSoft offers payment automation, so you can choose to add onto your AP functionality for instant processing, payment discounts, and 10+ payment methods.

PairSoft Helps TriOak Foods Speed Up Audits
Case Study

PairSoft helps TriOak Foods bring home the bacon.

One of the largest pork producers in the U.S. was dealing with disorganized hardcopies and missing invoices when it was time for tax audits. But once TriOak Foods implemented PairSoft, the time — and cost — savings astounded them.

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What are some features of PairSoft’s AP automation software for Dynamics 365 GP and BC?

PairSoft leverages its constantly developing technology to provide Microsoft Dynamics GP and Business Central users with a singular platform for their accounts payable process. One example is our optical character recognition (OCR) technology, which provides instant data capture from several document mediums for the quickest possible invoice processing. Another feature is our one-click search index and two-way invoice matching, maximizing your team’s time so they can focus on customer success and building vendor relationships.

Why is PairSoft the best choice for my Dynamics 365 finance process automation?

PairSoft’s market-leading AP automation solution stands out due to its seamless integration with Dynamics GP and Business Central. Our longstanding native integration with Microsoft means you never have to navigate away from your ERP system, providing a unified digital workspace for your entire AP process.

Simple solutions. Powerful results. Seamlessly integrated.

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