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Document Management for your NetSuite ERP

Collaborate with colleagues from anywhere in the world and effortlessly configure your workflows with PairSoft’s document management system for NetSuite users.
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Kick file cabinets to the curb.

One-Click Indexing

Retrieve records just as quickly as you file them so that you can get the job done and focus on more complex strategy with your team.

Full Audit Trails

Never sweat your quarter-end or annual analysis with downloadable, shareable reports that help capture what went on for compliance.

Control User Permissions

You can set the functionality levels for users to ensure that more sensitive documents and data are accessed by appropriate stakeholders.

Painless project management in NetSuite.

No More Manual Data Entry

Free your team’s time in a major way with our optical character recognition (OCR) technology that can capture a document’s contents through a mobile phone camera.

Easy Cloud Storage for Your Whole Team

PairSoft’s centralized document management for NetSuite allows your team access to get the job done from anywhere in the world while freeing up time and space from filing cabinets.

Real-Time Access Logs

Maintain even more security than our standard end-to-end encryption with custom notifications and full records of who accessed or downloaded files and when.

Streamline Business Processes

Digitally combine record types with invoices, receipts, purchase orders, and other assets to give multiple stakeholders a full view of what’s happening for better collaboration.

CraftMark Bakery Achieves Invoice Efficiency with PairSoft
Case Study

CraftMark Bakery turns up the heat with PairSoft.

After immense growth of $200 million within 4 years, CraftMark Bakery was looking to reduce as much of its manual labor as possible outside of the kitchen. When they added PairSoft to their existing NetSuite platform, they made something really special.

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Why is document management with NetSuite important?

Document management is important for several reasons, though one of the most notable is security. Whether your organization is dealing with purchase orders for eCommerce or the financial records of a non-profit’s donor base, business documents often contain sensitive information that shouldn’t be put at risk in file cabinets or vulnerable offices. Cloud storage through PairSoft within NetSuite is a centralized, end-to-end-encrypted solution that both protects your data management and allows your team monitored access to whatever it needs from wherever, especially amid the rise of remote work. Not to mention the sustainability bonus from going paperless!

How does PairSoft directly integrate for NetSuite document management?

Due to its longtime partnerships with some of the biggest ERPs and CRMs — including with Oracle as a SuiteApp — PairSoft is able to directly integrate with the NetSuite platform so that you never have to leave the ERP’s window. This makes for a seamless user experience when it comes to incorporating content management with business processes, as users can index relevant assets alongside existing NetSuite records for one-click retrieval and comprehensive audit trails. Because PairSoft is also a multi-solution SaaS (offering automation in procurement, accounts payable, fundraising, and much more), it’s a cost-effective way to tailor NetSuite to your business needs versus being locked into an expensive, all-encompassing software that may not be fully utilized.

Simple solutions. Powerful results. Seamlessly integrated.

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