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City of Inglewood Implements Electronic Subpoena Delivery with PairSoft

PairSoft December 24, 2020

City of Inglewood Implements Electronic Subpoena Delivery with PairSoft
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The Client

The City of Inglewood in Los Angeles County, California and the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office work together to investigate and prosecute crimes within the city. They needed a solution to better coordinate legal service between police and attorneys.

The Challenge

The City of Inglewood and the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office wanted to implement an automated electronic delivery system that would constitute as legal service for Police Department subpoenas. This solution was needed to provide client service to Police Officers who work a variety of shifts and need an audit trail for delivery and receipt of the subpoena. It was crucial to create a system that provided confirmed identification of relevant parties, uniform search criteria and scalability to serve multiple cities Police and City Attorney Departments in the future. A web-based solution was required for both ease of administration and end user access via web browser for the Officers served with the subpoena. Providing real time notification, monitoring of all Subpoena activities and easy to use management reports was essential to the department.

The Solution

The LA District Attorney and City of Inglewood used PairSoft to create an application to gather and report the entire Police Department Subpoena process. The application, “PairSoft Subpoena Management” provides an online web form to serve Subpoenas in an automated manner for improved consistency and timeliness. A summary listing of all Subpoenas is presented in a dashboard view per Police Officer and a detailed audit trail can be viewed and updated electronically.

The Results

PairSoft helped the City of Inglewood to implement a city-wide Subpoena delivery, acceptance and tracking system. The functionality of PairSoft allows the City to configure the document management and workflow processes in a manner that meets their needs today, and in the future. Here are the results the city gained implementing PairSoft:

  • The City is saving over 200 hours per month of administrative time to delivery, track and manage the Subpoena process
  • PairSoft platform is flexible and adaptable to meet the needs of the City to have data collection and reporting
  • Avoided the use of manual data entry and e-mail attachments as the primary means to serve Subpoenas

In addition to Subpoena delivery and tracking, the PairSoft Subpoena Management System improved accountability and communications between the Police Officers and the District Attorney.

Derrick Deconinck
Police Systems Analyst, Inglewood ITC Department


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