Emergency Medical Services Authority (EMSA) Case Study

Pairsoft Rescues Ambulance Service Company from an Accounting Emergency.

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The Project


Approximately 400 invoices for everything from medical supplies to ambulance maintenance costs and phone bills arrive at EMSA’s various locations each month and, before Pairsoft, they were being transported by courier, passed around internally by hand and eventually filed away. “We had to keep all of our invoices and checks for seven years,” explains Adam Hurry, EMSA’s staff accountant. “We were using storage racks in our garage.” Plus, he adds, “We needed an easy way to track invoices.” In the past, EMSA tried Ricoh’s paperless document managing software but staffers quickly realized it did not integrate with Dynamics GP, causing users to have to keep three windows open for each transaction. They spent thousands of dollars to have a temporary employee scan invoices into the system manually day in and day out.

The turning point came one day when EMSA received a particular 911 call: One of the courier vans burned down and hundreds of invoices turned to ash. EMSA’s Microsoft Dynamics support team suggested they try Pairsoft moving forward.

Solution Design & Project Management

As of March 2013, Pairsoft has been saving the day for EMSA. Since the company already had the necessary scanners, all that was needed for EMSA to start using Pairsoft was some slight customization for the Grants division and basic training.

Hurry says he learned Pairsoft can help automate the purchase order process. “Now we treat it as an invoice,” he explains, and he is still discovering new ways to save time and effort.

Project Results & Key Success Indicators

Hurry estimates Pairsoft has saved EMSA approximately $600 per month, not including material costs, like bankers boxes and courier fees.

“Pairsoft frees up time in multiple ways,” he says. “All of our documents are stored and attached to the payment or invoice in the accounting software and other non-accounting-approved personnel can access the files with approval. It’s great how it intertwines with Dynamics. It used to take me about one whole day to code, sort and process invoices, not including sending away for approvals. Having Pairsoft has given me back about 12-16 hours per month.”

Measures of Success

  • Searching for documents is now fast and effortless.
  • Storage space has been freed up for other company needs.
  • The need for a full-time temporary helper to scan invoices and courier services have been eliminated.
  • The company saves hundreds of dollars monthly now that storage, mailing supplies, and courier and additional data entry services are obsolete.
  • Invoices and important accounting documents are safely stored, eliminating the risk of accidental loss.

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