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PairSoft Expands OCR Functionality for Microsoft Dynamics SL Users

PairSoft March 11, 2016

Using Dynamics SL with PairSoft just got better

PairSoft, a leading document management software, announces a significant enhancement for Microsoft Dynamics SL users. Using Catalina Technology’s API for Dynamics SL, Microsoft Dynamics SL users can now leverage PairSoft for automated voucher creation. PairSoft captures data off of the AP Invoices using its robust OCR capabilities. With Catalina Technology’s API, this data is fed into SL to automatically create the voucher record in real-time reducing the cost per invoice processed. PairSoft offers eleven different capture methods, including optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities to capture and validate data such as vendor name, invoice amount, invoice date, invoice number, PO number, and more; ultimately eliminating manual data entry and minimizing data entry errors.

Before, data captured from forms in PairSoft were scheduled or manually batched imports to SL. Now, with Catalina Technology’s API for SL, when data is captured in PairSoft, transactions such as vouchers in Dynamics SL can be immediately and automatically created; no more waiting for scheduled imports or costly manual processes to create transactions. The Dynamics SL Web Services module provides PairSofta safe way to interface with Dynamics SL in a way that preserves business logic, validation rules, and system integrity.

According to Wadih Pazos, PairSoft’s Senior VP of Product Development, “We’re thrilled to offer Dynamics SL users this great benefit with PairSoft. With Catalina Technology’s API, Dynamics SL users can now benefit from immediate access to information when data is captured using PairSoft. Immediate access allows our users to save time because manual data entry is eliminated and data entry errors are significantly reduced.”

According to Brian Wharton, President of Catalina Technology, “The Catalina API for SL allows PairSoft to perform real-time integration that isn’t prone to failure like manual batch Transaction Imports. The API strengthens the interface between SL and PairSoft allowing both products to do what they do best without having to re-invent the wheel”.

About Catalina Technologies

Catalina Technologies ( was founded to extend enterprise systems to the web since 2000. Over the many years, Catalina has served customers in a wide variety of industries providing business applications, integration, and customizations. The company provides ecommerce, web development, and general software development services. Initially focused on the Microsoft Solomon market, Catalina developed an extremely comprehensive platform for taking SL to the web. Over the years Catalina has expanded into other Microsoft Dynamics products and Mobile. Catalina has been at the forefront of mobile technologies, providing Windows CE applications many years before modern smartphones were introduced. And now Catalina offers a wide array of multi-platform, business platform connected applications along with GPS tracking and routing solutions.


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