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PairSoft2018 Release – Key Features

Jemina Boyd September 17, 2018

PairSoft2018 Release – Key Features
2018 PairSoft release focuses on advancing mobility, accelerating approvals, machine learning, and providing user-centric experiences.

Make Financial Decisions With Confidence and Intelligence

Give yourself full visibility by implementing an automated procurement solution that will help you control costs, ensure you’re getting the best purchasing value, and help you easily implement policy, approval, and routing changes.

Gain deeper visibility into cost, accelerate approvals, save your team more time, implement spend policies across all departments, and gain higher user adoption faster! Empower every team member to boost productivity and help minimize costs.

Powerful Reporting Metrics

Gain instant insight from a powerful 360° view of all your KPI’s and metrics in one single dashboard, empowering you and your team to manage, evaluate, improve, and optimize any area of the business. You have the freedom to define your own metrics, customize the view, select from over 15 standard charts, create unlimited personalized charts, and even export the data for use in other applications or to slice and dice any way you like.

  • Option to create an unlimited number of charts, metrics, and reports
  • Over 15 out-of-the-box metrics and reports
  • Powerful single-glance view of your KPI’s
  • Capability to export data

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Smart Invoice Capture

Go beyond paperless invoice processing and into advancing your process and going from point A to Z accurately in seconds. PairSoft’s powerful OCR technology incorporates rich machine learning, capable of recognizing invoices and capturing the data down to the line-level. Eliminate inefficiencies, reduce the time users spend on keying and correcting data, and focus on high-value projects.

  • Innovative OCR capabilities
  • Business Learning features
  • Automated invoice capture
  • Optional third-party Integration
  • PO & non-PO invoice capture

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Google Maps Mobile Capabilities

Go beyond managing your business spend and enforcing corporate policy. Now you can save more time while traveling by automatically calculating mileage from within the Mobile App, adding it seamlessly to your expense reports.

  • Seamless map integration for mileage reimbursements
  • Simple and accurate accounting of the user’s mileage driven
  • Select and store routes and mileage alongside your Travel and Expense transactions for audit compliance and workflow
  • User-based personal travel and standard commute deductions

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Modern User Interface

Intuitive, attractive, and easy to navigate interface allows your company to onboard users more quickly and build higher user adoption rates. PairSoft intuitive UI allows any user, regardless of their skill level, to go through the procurement or expense cycle with confidence and ease.

  • Type to Search feature
  • Intuitive dashboard and workflows
  • Meticulously designed components
  • Balanced layout

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Payment Processing Capabilities

Process Vendor and Employee payments securely, quickly, and directly from within the PairSoft Spend Management solution, forming a robust, centralized P2P (Procure-to-Pay) platform.

  • Available for PairSoft Enterprise Standalone Version
  • Payment Batch Capabilities
  • Automatic terms discounts calculation based on the assigned payment terms
  • Full financial journal tracking for the reconciliation of discounts taken, payments and exchange gain/loss in multi-currency environments
  • Auto transmission of remittance information to suppliers
  • Standard payment provider integration available
  • Automated electronic payments from within PairSoft
  • Option for personalized integration via PairSoft DIAPI or report exports

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Requisition Mobile App

Move your requisition entry and approval forward even when you’re on the road. PairSoft Mobile App provides you requisition entry and approval functionality. Browse and shop company catalogs, request items for purchase, save items to cart, and submit items, as well as approve or reject requisitions and add comments from anywhere, anytime.

  • Full visibility of the entire requisition cycle
  • Line-level review, approval, and rejection capabilities
  • Catalog & non-Catalog shopping

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Powerful as a Standalone Software or Integrated with Your ERP

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